We’re on a mission to make every kid good with money.

We’re also firm believers that doing is the best way of learning. This is embodied in our company ethos, our brand, and most importantly, our product.

We’re strongly against telling young people what they should be doing when it comes to money. Instead, we’d rather help kids learn the ropes for themselves (not only because it works, but because it’s fun too: for them and us).

The upshot is that our product gives kids a safe space to learn and occasionally, make mistakes: no debt, no overdrawn accounts, and with the option for parents to jump in and help out if needed.

Ultimately, we want every child to graduate from gohenry with confidence, independence and money sense. We want them to be fully prepared for the digital economy and the rise of a cashless society. And we want them to boldly face adulthood’s later financial pressures, fearlessly navigating some of life’s trickiest waters: their money.

Our story

gohenry was grown by us: a small group of friends who wanted a simple, meaningful and common-sense solution for kids’ money management.

Born from a collective grumble on the sidelines of a school football game, we joked about creating something that would put an end to card-nag: a product that would stop us having to make all of our children's iTunes, app store or Amazon purchases. We also wanted to ward off any pocket money payments that involved fumbling for change in coat pockets, IOUs, or making special trips to the ATM.

We soon realised that no such product existed. So, as parents, we went and crafted something that firmly placed the control in young people's hands, while giving other parents the visibility to guide kids through their first contact with money. As overgrown kids ourselves, we made the experience fun: a vibrant and interactive app and cards kids could get excited about.

Our Name

Inspired by our first-ever customer, Henry, our name embodies our brand spirit: having a go. And just as GoDaddy isn't just for fathers, and the New York Times is for all of America, gohenry is for everyone.

Whether it’s goPoppy, goMuhammad, or goSaanvi, we’re about empowering kids to step into the world equipped with the money skills they need for life, supported by their parents.

Growing the family

Launched in 2012, our community has rocketed to over 1,000,000 members at home and across the pond (oh hey, America!). As the first to market globally, we’re proud to be the largest company in this space.

We’ve been named by KPMG and H2 ventures as one of the world’s Leading 100 Fintech Innovators. We also ranked the 8th fastest-growing British tech business in the Sunday Times TechTrack 100.

We’re now more committed than ever to building a global movement with families who fiercely believe that being good with money is a vital life skill. More than that, we're devoted to helping our community give back along the way: through our app, we now offer kids the option of giving a small part of their pocket money to the NSPCC.

Founded by parents; funded by parents; for parents

We know our customers are just as confident in us as we are: over half of our investors and shareholders are parents from within our own community. To date we've raised over £10m through the equity crowdfunding platform Crowdcube, over £3m of which came from our very own customers. Not to brag, but we also set a world record in the process.

Public fundraising aside, we’re backed by our management team and our co-founders, as well as a network of smart Angel investors that include CEOs from some of the biggest private and public companies in the world.

Press Enquiries

We’d love to tell you more about how we're helping young people find their financial feet. Feel free to drop us a line at [email protected]

Working with us

We're always looking for whip sharp new starters for the gohenry team. If we sound like what you're into, check out our jobs page or email us at [email protected]


Go cashless in your school and support financial education. Learn more about how gohenry works for your school, check out our school page or email us at [email protected]

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Great to build...

Getting my son Max this has been one of the best presents ever. He's learned to be independent, manage his allowances and appreciate how much things cost.

Card is the gift that...

We love how you can customize the card to child’s name, it’s reliable and it’s teaching my child financial literacy.

thumbs up👍🏻👍

Easy to use and a great way to teach kids about money management!

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