Family & friends
can join your child's money journey

They'll enjoy participating in your child's financial learning, and love how easy it is to send a gift.

£15 From Grandma Susan Feb 10
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Make their day with Giftlinks

Just like an e-gift card or voucher for kids, Giftlinks take the hassle out of buying and organising gift ideas for kids.  

Share your child's Giftlink with family and friends.

It’s free to send a Giftlink; there’s no fee to send or receive!

All about Giftlinks

For friends & relatives

  • Let kids shop for the gift they really want (no hit-or-miss presents!)
  • Share it with relatives: aunts, uncles, grandparents—you name it! They can contribute to gifts, birthdays, milestone moments and more
  • There's a card for every occasion! Pick from 30+ paperless card designs and make it personal


For GoHenry parents

  • Get the whole family involved! Relatives, grandparents & friends can easily send gifts
  • It’s all organised: Giftlinks take the hassle out of gift lists, family email chains and birthday party invites


£20 From Joe & Susan Feb 10
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For GoHenry kids & teens

  • They’ll get to choose the gift they really want, or something they've already been saving up for
  • It's personal and fun! Unwrap gifts in the app and send thank-you messages directly from the GoHenry app!


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