The best daily chores for children

The best daily chores for children

One of the best ways to help children learn responsibility is to assign them daily chores. Not only will this help them feel like they are contributing to the household, but it will also teach them important life skills. In this blog post, we will discuss the best daily chores for children - which can make life a little bit easier for you!


What are the benefits of kids doing chores regularly?


One of the best things you can do for your children is to give them regular chores. Studies have shown that children who do chores grow up to be more responsible and successful adults.


Doing chores teaches children essential life skills such as time management, organisation, and task completion. All of these skills are important both in the workplace and in personal relationships. As well as that, children who do chores learn to value hard work and to take pride in a job well done. They learn that there is no such thing as a free lunch—that everything in life requires effort.


Finally, children who do chores develop a sense of responsibility for their home and their surroundings. They learn that they have a role to play in keeping their home clean and tidy, and they also learn to appreciate the work that goes into taking care of a household. As a result, they are more likely to be considerate roommates and neighbours as adults. So if you want to give your children a head start in life, make sure they do their fair share of the work around the house.


To make sure that your children are getting the most out of their chores, it is important to choose the right tasks for them. This means giving them age-appropriate chores that are not too difficult or too easy. As every child is different, this can be a bit of trial and error - but here are some general guidelines to get you started:


Daily chores for ages 6-7


At age six or seven, most children are able to start doing simple daily chores. Encouraging them to do so can instil a sense of responsibility from an early age, and give them a sense of pride that they are able to help. This is important, as it can motivate your children to do chores as they get older. Some appropriate chores for this age group include:


  • Making their bed each morning
  • Picking up their toys and putting the laundry basket 
  • Wiping down surfaces
  • Watering plants


For more inspiration on age-appropriate chores for children aged 6-7, you can refer to our list of chores for 6-7 year olds


Daily chores for ages 8-9


At age eight or nine, children are usually able to take on more responsibility around the house. Assigning them additional daily chores can help to teach them important life skills and give them a sense of pride in their work. Continuing to give them age-appropriate tasks is important, as it can help to prevent frustration and boredom. Some daily tasks for this age group include:


  • Hoovering or sweeping the floor
  • Loading the dishwasher
  • Setting the table for dinner
  • Folding laundry


For more ideas on age-appropriate chores for children aged eight or nine, you can read our complete list of chores for age 8-9 year olds


Daily chores for ages 10-12


At age ten or twelve, children can usually handle more complex tasks, and they may also be able to start helping with some of the household chores that are typically done by their parents. Not to mention that this age is a great time to start teaching them a few simple cooking methods! Some appropriate daily chores for this age group include:


  • Washing / drying dishes
  • Cleaning the car
  • Helping to prepare meals
  • Putting groceries away


For more inspiration on age-appropriate chores for children aged ten or twelve, you can refer to our 16 chores for 10-12 year olds


Daily chores for teens


Encouraging teenagers to help with chores can be slightly more difficult since they often have more responsibilities related to school and social activities than younger children do. However, encouraging them to do their part in the housework can set them up for independence and success before they fly the nest. Some appropriate chores for teens include:


  • Feeding and walking pets
  • Grocery shopping
  • Cooking and serving meals
  • Cleaning the bathroom
  • Doing the laundry


For more ideas, you can have a look at the best chores for teens. This list highlights the best tasks to delegate to your teen to help around the house while also teaching them essential life skills.


Make rewarding kids for chores easy with GoHenry


One way to make sure that your kids are doing their chores is to use the GoHenry app. You can set up paid tasks within the app, and when your child completes a task, you can send money straight to their pre-paid GoHenry debit card. This can be a great motivator for kids to get their chores done and teach them about the value of money. Plus, it's a great way to give them some pocket money that they can save up for their future or spend on essentials.


GoHenry's paid tasks feature is also useful for parents, as it's an easy way to keep track of who is doing what task, what's been completed and what tasks are still yet to be done. There are also options that automatically transfer money to your child's account once you verify that their work is complete, saving the need to carry around cash or complete a transfer manually.


Looking for more ways to encourage your children to do their chores? We've created a list of 20 ways to reward your kids for doing chores. Your kids will be fighting to get more tasks around the house!


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