Best investing games for kids

Best investing games for kids

Investing can be an excellent way for people to gain additional income or increase their savings to buy a property or to retire. But it’s necessary to do your research with investing, and it's especially important to be careful with the stock market.


The stock market is confusing enough for adults, let alone for young people. That’s why lots of parents look for fun ways to introduce their kids to investing. If you want to teach your children about investing, games can be a tool that's enjoyable and informative. Let’s look at some of the best investing games that can help teach children how to navigate the world of investments.

What are investing games?

Investing games are a great way to help your kids learn more about investing. There is a wide range of investment or money games to choose from. There are board games that aim to teach children about investing, and there are also online apps that can be part of investment education.

Of course, if you’ve heard about people losing money on their investments, it might make the idea of introducing your children to investing less appealing. No one wants to risk their children losing money. Fortunately, these games don’t use real money to teach your children. 

Benefits of playing investing games

Education is important, and financial education is vital. In fact, the latest GoHenry research indicates that 79% of people who did not receive financial education as children have fallen behind on a utility or council tax bill. Getting good financial education can also help people save money when they are adults – more than half of those who received thorough financial education reported that they have savings of up to £5,000.


This means that using investment apps and other financial education tools can be very helpful. Games and apps help give your child a practical introduction to handling finances to prepare them for when they become adults.


There are other benefits too. Helping your children play financial games can also be a lovely way to spend time and bond with your children. If you can play investing games with your children, you can help them as they learn. Alternatively, if you want to let them play investing games by themselves, you can rest assured that the games are safe – this means that they have the freedom to learn through trial and error.


Children can be naturally interested in investing and the stock market. Our Youth Economy Report found that 13% of children in the UK earned money from cryptocurrency in 2021, suggesting many young people are already interested in finances and currency trading.


This means that financial education can help make sure that kids know how to protect their money if they want to look into investing.

How to play investing games

There are lots of investing games that can be easily played from a web browser. This means you can sit with your child and play together. Alternatively, there are some apps that you can download to let your child play investing games on their own. In most games, your children can practise investing with play money to see the effects of different actions on their play investments.


Many games have competitive modes to help encourage your children to learn and get better scores. Most of these online investing games also have accompanying lessons and information to help your children understand investments and savings.

Best investing games for kids

There is a wide range of investing games to choose from when introducing your child to the idea of investment. Here are some of the most popular investing games available.


The Stock Market Game. This investing game is suitable for children of late primary school age and older. It allows children to decide what investments to make, either by themselves or in a group, and they can compete to get the biggest return from their in-game investments.


Cashflow. This is a board game for two to six players from ages 14 and up. The aim of the game is to get the best outcome from your investments and to try to beat the other players. This is a great low-tech game that you can work into the family game night while helping your children learn about investments. Parents might even learn something themselves if they don't know much about the stock market.


Fantasy Stock Exchange. Unlike some investing games, this game uses UK currency, which might help your children make the connection between money and investments more easily. This is a great game for people of secondary school age. Once you make an account, your child can decide how to invest the in-game money. There are leader boards and your child can create challenge games against other kids they know to get a bit of competition going – competition can often motivate kids to learn.


Build Your Stax. This game has a very simple introduction and can be useful for children aged 12 and over. Your children have 20 in-game years to try to maximise their funds. There’s a lot of trial and error involved with this game, meaning that young people can experiment with what to do and what not to do without risking any real money.


The Million Dollar Challenge. This is another board game, but this one is best for older teenagers. It goes into more detail than Cashflow or simpler board games, which means it can be more challenging. This also means that it conveys more of the nuances and complications that are part of investing. This is another game that parents might want to play with their children – enjoying investing games together can be a rewarding bonding activity as well as a pastime that helps your children learn.

What can GoHenry teach kids about investing?

GoHenry has many resources that you and your child can use to learn more about managing money. When you want to introduce your kids to investing, you can use our Money Missions. Our in-app Money Missions includes fun videos to help your children learn about finances, from saving to budgeting and investing.


The Intro to investing section offers a lot of information to help your children become more aware of what investments are and how they can help provide a better financial future. They can also help teach about the risks of investing. All our Money Missions are set up with fun videos and quizzes to help your child learn.


A GoHenry prepaid debit card is also a way to allow your children more control over their own finances, while you can monitor their spending and help them learn money management skills for the future.

Written by GoHenry Published Feb 9, 2022 ● 6 min read