Family banking that's actually made for families

There’s an account for you and linked accounts for each of your kids. All are easily managed online or through our mobile app. Your children get their own gohenry debit cards, which come with unique parental controls. The great news? Kids can only spend the money that's on the card, so there's no danger of debt or overdrawn accounts.

How gohenry works


Open an account online in minutes

We're proudly free from paper headaches and bank queues. You'll receive your child’s card in seven working days.


Set up automatic weekly pocket money

Or make one-off transfers and help your child earn extra by completing tasks.


Set one-off and weekly spending limits

You can also choose where the card can be used, as well as being able to block and unblock it whenever you need to.


Help your kids, earn, save, spend and give

With tasks, savings goals and giving features that encourage good money habits, you can set your child up with financial proficiency that will carry through to adulthood.

What is the parent account?

The parent account is your control centre for up to 4 child accounts, and it’s where you fund their cards from.

Adding money is easy

Add money to your parent account by debit card. Then choose how to give your kids money:
  • Set up regular allowance transfers
  • Make instant one-off payments to your child
  • Set up regular pocket money transfers
  • List tasks for them to earn a little more

A flexible experience

You can tailor the limits and rules to each of your children and change them at any time.
  • Set single and weekly spending limits
  • Choose where the card can be used (in-store, online or at the ATM)
  • Block and unblock cards with the touch of a button
  • Get notifications about what your child is buying, in real time

The child account

With your guidance and our unique tools, your children learn to earn, save and spend in a way that suits them.


  • Complete tasks for extra money
  • Budget a weekly allowance
  • Complete chores for extra pocket money
  • Mark tasks as completed once they're done


  • Set up a saving goal to automatically save a percentage of pocket money every week
  • Targets show children how far they've got to go (and how well they've done)
  • Set up as many savings goals as you like: anything from a new bike to a sibling's birthday present


  • Use the card anywhere Visa is accepted
  • Make purchases online at your favourite app stores and e-retailers.
  • Get real-time notifications about how much has been spent and where


  • In partnership with the NSPCC
  • Choose to automatically donate a small amount each week
  • Kids learn the value of helping those less fortunate than themselves

A safe & secure account

  • State of the art chip security
  • PIN protected transactions
  • No risk of overspending; no overdrawn accounts
  • Easily block the card if it’s lost
  • Securely stored details
  • 256 bit encryption; the same as traditional banks

Join over 1.4 million customers already using gohenry

Setup in minutes. Cancel any time.

gohenry costs just £2.99 per child per month, and you can cancel at any time.

Word on the street


Based on (1,231) reviews

Great to build...

Getting my son Max this has been one of the best presents ever. He's learned to be independent, manage his allowances and appreciate how much things cost.

Card is the gift that...

We love how you can customize the card to child’s name, it’s reliable and it’s teaching my child financial literacy.

thumbs up👍🏻👍

Easy to use and a great way to teach kids about money management!

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