Go cashless in your school and support financial education

Hello. We're gohenry: a money management solution for children and teens. We’re helping students manage money easily and safely while giving kids a practical way to learn about finance.

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Create a cash-free campus

Whether it's snacks or stationery, we can help cut down admin for schools with a cashless system. Features like PIN-protected purchases and real time notifications also promote safety and good money practices among students at the same time.

Forget your lunch money

Or rather, never forget your lunch money again. Parents transfer straight into their child's gohenry account: simple. It's also an easy way for parents to ensure their kids are only spending what they've agreed when they're at school.

Supporting financial education

Young people learn real money skills first-hand by navigating through the world of saving, spending, earning and giving. Our mission is to grow kids in confidence and help them form good money habits for life. A lot of our young users also love the freedom gohenry gives them.

Help your fundraising efforts

Raise money for your school or PTA by recommending gohenry: you'll get £10 for every parent that activates a gohenry account with us.


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My two boys are already learning useful lessons about spending and saving, which I hope over time will set them in good stead for managing their finances effectively in adult life.

Daniel, London

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