Cardholder terms and conditions

We've made a few changes to our cardholder terms which will automatically come into effect November 4th 2019. You can review both versions below:

Previous cardholder terms

New cardholder terms

The following changes have been made to our Cardholder Terms:
  • We updated our contact details (see the recital and sections 9.1; 9.2; 15.1 and 17.5)
  • We clarified that 3rd party debit card loads of your gohenry parent account should only be done through our new giftlinks feature (see section 5.7)
  • We introduced free same design replacement cards and made different design replacement cards subject to a £4.99 fee (see section 4.1)
  • We clarified that should the balance available on your parent account be insufficient to cover the membership fees due, we will take payment using the debit card you have attached to your parent account which will be subject to a £0.50 service charge (see section 4.2)

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