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This is where we tell you all about the legal terms and conditions that apply to the use of the gohenry website and our mobile apps.

It’s important that you read them, because this is where we spell out our responsibilities as website owners, and yours as a website user. By registering with us and using the website you are accepting these terms and conditions and are legally bound by them. If you don’t wish to be bound by the terms and conditions, then you shouldn’t use

We may make changes to these terms and conditions at any time. If we do, we will post these changes here and they will be effective immediately. Please check regularly so that you are aware of any changes, as once they appear here, if you use the website, it means that you accept them.
Your Responsibilities
If you are under eighteen you may only use this site with the agreement of a parent or guardian.

You agree that your email address, your home address and your phone number can be used as means of communication from us to you.

You warrant that all the information you provide to gohenry for the purpose of registering with us, obtaining a gohenry Pre-paid Visa Card and opening a gohenry account for your child is true, complete and current.

You warrant that all the information you provide to gohenry for the purpose of sending a gift via giftlinks is true, complete and current.

You also warrant that the debit card, or the bank account you use for gohenry transactions is your own, and that there are sufficient funds available to cover your payments.

When you register with us you must choose a password. You are responsible for all actions taken under your password and you must only use the gohenry website under your own password. It is your responsibility to keep your password safe and to ensure that it is not disclosed to anyone. If you think someone else might know it, you must change it. You must not permit anyone else to use your password.

Your child will be able to choose their own password. This must also be kept safe and not disclosed to anyone other than you, as parents or guardian.
Privacy Policy
We take your privacy very seriously. We will not pass on your personal, debit card or bank account details to anyone other than our banking partners. For full details of who they are, please see the section on our partners. And for more details of how we protect your privacy please read our privacy policy.
Your payments to us go into your gohenry parent account and then onwards to your child’s account or to pay the monthly membership fees. If you are a gifter, your payments to a giftee go via the parent’s account to the child’s giftee account. gohenry accepts most major debit cards, or you can pay by direct transfer or Standing Order from your bank account. gohenry does not hold onto your bank details. If you choose to give these details to us in order to pay, they will be passed on to our banking partners and held securely as with any other banking transaction.
Our Fee
We will charge you a monthly fee for each child’s use of the gohenry online service, which includes your child’s account and their gohenry Pre-paid Visa Card. The monthly membership fee will be added on when we give you the total amount you need to pay, and will be deducted automatically every month from the outstanding balance on your parent account.
Changing Your Mind
If you register with us to open an account for your child and then change your mind, please let us know and we will cancel your application. If your child’s gohenry Pre-paid Visa Card has already been sent out, we’ll arrange to cancel the card and refund the balance of your account.
Recommend a Friend
We run a Recommend a Friend scheme under which, if you recommend a friend who then opens a gohenry account for their child, we will credit your account with a gift. From time to time this offer changes and the gift may be either a product or pocket money.

We can only credit your account for a genuinely new referral; that is, someone who has never registered with us before. You must know the person and you must obtain their agreement before you give us their name. We will contact them by email and if they then choose to open an account with us, we will email you to confirm your gift. It may take up to two weeks for this credit to appear in your account.
Our Giftlinks feature gives you the opportunity to invite friends and relatives to give money to your child for special occasions such as birthdays or to simply help with their allowance. A Giftlink invite will lead relatives and friends to a secure web page where a payment with a message can be sent directly to your child’s gohenry account. When your child receives a gift, you will receive a notification of the payment and your child will get to open the gift in their gohenry app and send a thank you message. You can share a Giftlink with anyone you want but we want to let you know that you have full responsibility for whoever you invite through this feature. So please, make sure you only invite a giftee that you trust!
All of the content of our website, including the gohenry logo, is owned by us and is protected by UK and international copyright laws. Please don’t copy, download or use any of our material for either private or commercial use.
Uploading images and other material
You must not upload, message, transmit or otherwise make available or initiate any content that:
  • Is unlawful, libellous, abusive, obscene, discriminatory or otherwise objectionable;
  • Includes information that you do not have the right to disclose or make available under any law or under contractual or fiduciary relationships (such as insider information, or proprietary and confidential information learned or disclosed as part of employment relationships or under nondisclosure agreements);
  • Infringes upon patents, trademarks, trade secrets, copyrights or other proprietary rights;
Questions to our experts and messages on our site
If you post questions for our experts or messages on our blogs or forums you own the copyright to this text. However, by posting text, you grant us unlimited free license to republish that text on our site and to redistribute, make available or sell that text in print or electronic form anywhere in the world as part of an edited compilation or otherwise.
We can't promise that your access to our site, or its content, will be delivered uninterrupted or error-free, or that the site will be free from viruses or other harmful properties. It is your responsibility to put in place satisfactory safeguards and procedures to make sure that any material you obtain through our site is free from contaminations or other harmful properties.

We have taken every measure we can to prevent internet fraud and to ensure that any data collected from you is kept safe and secure. However, in the extremely unlikely event of a breach in our secure computer servers, we cannot be held liable.

Under no circumstances will we be held liable for any direct, indirect, incidental or other kind of loss or injury resulting from your use or downloading of any content on our site.
The Legal Side
It is a crime to use a false name or a debit card or bank account that is known to be invalid. If you are caught entering false or fictitious information you will be prosecuted. gohenry tracks the fingerprints of every person who registers with us, to enable us and all legitimate crime prevention authorities to trace individuals engaged in criminal activities on our website.

gohenry has the right to end our agreement with you and to suspend or terminate your access to the website if any of the following occurs:
  • You breach our terms and conditions
  • You fail to make a payment to us that is due
  • You fail to provide, when asked, information to allow us to check your identity or the validity of any information you have given us
  • We suspect you have been or are engaged in fraudulent or illegal activity on

If you break any of these terms and conditions, or if liabilities are incurred as a result of your use of the website, you will be responsible for the costs and expenses, including legal fees, that we, or our employees, officers, directors or agents incur as a result. This will include any costs that result if someone else uses your personal information, or your gohenry account, unless you can prove that it has been used fraudulently.
Contact Us
If you would like to know more about these terms and conditions, or you need to contact us for any reason, our Member Services Team is normally available from 8am to 8pm. Contact us by phoning 0330 100 7676 or by emailing or by writing to us at:

gohenry Member Services
Abbey House
282 Farnborough Road
GU14 7NA

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