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The perfect card to teach kids and teens about money. This card allows my child to keep track of how much he can spend and how much he needs to save.

The perfect card to teach kids and teens about money. This card...



Easy to set up and easy to use. My son loves the independence he feels and I love making him accountable for his own purchases!

Easy to set up and easy to use. My son loves the independence...



I am very happy with gohenry. My grandson thinks it's great that he has his own card. He is going to save his money to buy a mansion.

I am very happy with gohenry. My grandson thinks it's great that...



Designed to simplify family life

Easily transfer money to your kids' account and set automated allowances

Assign and pay for household chores; your kids earn more and learn the value of money

Contribute to your kids’ savings goals and help them build savings habits

Let your kids personalize their own cards from one of our unique designs

The smart app that grows with your kids

gohenry helps kids 6-18 learn about money firsthand - by saving, spending, and earning

By giving your kids the tools they need to get to grips with money, gohenry helps your kids gain vital confidence with it, too.

Peace of mind for you

Your kids gain a sense of independence - while you stay in control

gohenry is all about learning through doing, in a safe and secure environment.

You set the rules, deciding where and how much they can spend

Real-time notifications give you instant updates about their spending

You load the card with money, so they can't go overdrawn

Cards can be instantly blocked (and unblocked) if lost, stolen or damaged

In the press

"A win-win situation: teach your kids about responsible spending."

"Designed to help young people learn good financial habits."

"Digital Tools That Teach Children About Philanthropy."

A few FAQs

What’s wrong with good old cash?

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Nothing, except you don’t always have it on you when your kids want their allowance, and it’s also easy to lose - and easily stolen. By using gohenry, you can help your kids operate in our increasingly digital economy, but - really - we’d always recommend a combination of the two.

Aren't my kids too young for a debit card?

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Research suggests that kids start to develop real money habits by the time they’re seven, so the younger the better. Yes, it may well give your kids a sense of independence, confidence, and general grown-up-ness, but that’s all for the better. And it’s a prepaid card where you set the rules, so there’s very little damage they can do.

What if one of my kids loses their card?

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No problem - you can block it instantly, and even order a new one for free. All they’ll have lost is the card - unlike losing a wallet full of cash!

Is a debit card secure enough for my kids?

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Yes! Our cards can be blocked instantly if lost or stolen, and real-time notifications help you keep track of what they’re spending - and where. What’s more, gohenry accounts are FDIC-insured up to $250k, transactions are PIN-protected, and our cards feature state-of-the-art chip security. Giving your kids an allowance has never been so secure!

Good to go in three easy steps:

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2. Activate their card

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3. Put yourself in control

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