Family & friends can join your child's financial journey

They'll enjoy participating in your child's financial learning, and love how easy it is to send a gift.

$15 From Grandma Susan Feb 10
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Make their day with Giftlinks

Just like an e-gift card for kids, Giftlinks take the hassle out of buying & organizing gift ideas for kids.  

Share your child's Giftlink with family & friends.

It’s free to send a Giftlink; there’s no fee to send or receive!

All about Giftlinks

For friends & relatives

  • Let kids shop for the gift they really want (no hit-or-miss presents!)
  • Share it with relatives: aunts, uncles, grandpas—you name it! They can contribute to holiday gifts, birthdays, milestone moments, & more
  • There's a card for every occasion! Pick from 30+ paperless card designs and make it personal


For GoHenry parents

  • Get the fam involved! Relatives, grandparents & friends can easily send gifts
  • It’s all organized: Giftlinks take the hassle out of gift lists, family email chains and birthday party invites


$20 From Joe & Susan Feb 10
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For GoHenry kids & teens

  • They’ll get to choose the gift they really want, or something they've already been saving up for
  • It's personal and fun! Unwrap gifts in the app, and send thank-you messages


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