How to teach kids "some kids just get more allowance” and “no, it’s not fair"

How to teach kids "some kids just get more allowance” and “no, it’s not fair"

It’s something that kids like to say a lot. But how do you teach children that life actually isn’t fair? How do you explain that you can’t go skiing this winter like Jonny and his family? Or explain why you shouldn’t pick on Tracey because her trainers are really old?
When teaching your kids about money, the subject of how much they have compared to their peers is a tricky one, but one that inevitably they need to understand.
One ingenious tactic used by a teacher to illustrate this tricky topic, is using candy.


She tells ‘The Guardian‘ how she hands out an amount to each student, so that some have 1 or 2 pieces and some have 10 or more. She then asks the students to write about how they feel. In a group discussion after the exercise, she explains how this relates to real life. It’s a great way to get kids thinking about others and what it feels like to be the one with less as well as the one with more.


Another great exercise is to get kids to think of all the things they can be grateful for. This will show them that, while they may not have the mobile phone that their friend from school has, they do have many other amazing things to be thankful for.


Getting kids volunteering is also a great way for them to understand the value of the money and privilege. They will develop perspective by learning that no matter your own financial situation, there are always people who need more help.


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Written by Ceri Roberts Published Oct 23, 2018 ● 2 min. read