Ways for Kids to Make Money Online

 Ways for Kids to Make Money Online


There are more ways for kids to make money than ever before, and the online world can be a great opportunity for your child to explore their entrepreneurial spirit. If your kid has an interest in starting a business, check out seven ways for kids to make money online to inspire your child’s next entrepreneurial venture.

#1: Sell old stuff online

Your child can make money by selling old items like toys, clothes, and more. Consider listing items through online marketplaces you trust or through apps with parental supervision. Creating a sale can be a great way to motivate kids to organize a space or clear out old stuff they no longer need.

#2: Make crafts to sell 

Creative kids can make their own products to sell online. Consider jewelry, t-shirts, and other small crafts. Teens can get started by opening an Etsy shop with the help of a parent or legal guardian.

#3: Create art or illustrations

If your teen is more into creating art and illustrations, those skills can create ways for kids to make money online. Your child can create art pieces to sell or invest in an illustrating tablet or other art software. Kids can sell art pieces through online marketplaces or create printable art to sell in online stores.

#4: Start a YouTube channel or stream

Your future entertainer might be more interested in creating a YouTube channel where they can create content or stream video games live through Twitch. With a parent’s close monitoring, your teen could make money from their content through views, donations, and generated income paid to their own kids debit card from ads.

#5: Offer tutoring services 

Tweens and teens who like to tutor younger kids can create an online business offering their teaching services through Zoom or video chat. Parents can help their child set up lessons for guitar, baking, art, or any venture as a business.

#6: Start a blog or social media channel

Writing is another skill offering many ways for kids to make money. Teens with a particular passion can start their blog by sharing knowledge about a subject. Kids can also write their own stories, learn marketing skills, or create their own social media content. 

#7: Sell photography 

If your child has an eye for photography, plenty of websites allow teens to sell their artwork as prints or decor, hassle-free. Budding photographers can also sell their work on stock photo websites as a side income stream

Benefits of learning ways to make money early

Learning ways for kids to make money online can help them build financial independence from an early age. Teens can practice managing their money with a kids debit card and build good money habits. Kids 14 and older can use direct deposit with a GoHenry card, getting paid directly from their online money venture. Explore how teens can use Giftlinks as a payment option online as well. 

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Written by Kristin Yarbrough Published Aug 2, 2022 ● 3 min. read