10 Great Chore Chart Ideas

10 Great Chore Chart Ideas

Chores, allowance, and a kids debit card are great tools for parents to teach good habits. A chore chart can help you create consistency at home. As you build your chore chart, consider tasks like the 10 ideas below that help prepare your child for a successful future and teach skills they can use for a lifetime.  

#1: Make the bed

Encourage kids to make their bed when they get up in the morning by adding it to your chore chart to teach kids good morning habits and the importance of a clean space.

#2: Brushing teeth and getting ready

Many parents struggle to convince young children to brush their teeth at bedtime or get ready for the day. Help kids build a daily routine by adding teeth brushing, putting clothes on, and other basic tasks to the daily chore chart. 

#3: Putting away toys and cleaning up personal spaces

Another common struggle for parents is teaching kids to clean up their messes. Depending on your child's age, add a five-minute pickup, straightening room, and cleaning other personal spaces to the chore chart regularly.

#4: Taking care of pets 

Help your child learn responsibility by adding chores to help take care of the family pet. Getting food, filling water, walks, and cleaning up the yard are all great chore and allowance options.

#5: Laundry

Every kid can benefit from learning how to do laundry, and it’s a great skill to teach in stages. Young kids can match socks, while older kids can learn to sort laundry, wash, dry, and fold their loads.

#6: Kitchen responsibilities

The kitchen is a common area that everyone in the family dirties, so adding cleaning responsibilities to your chore chart can help kids contribute to the household. Add age-appropriate tasks like putting dishes away or loading the dishwasher.

#7: Reorganize an area 

Consider adding ways for kids to earn money by cleaning out old toy bins, reorganizing their closet, or helping with family common areas. Teens can learn skills to prepare for a job and practice managing their own money with chores and allowance through a kids debit card.

#8: Cleaning

Consider adding regular cleaning chores and allowance opportunities to your list. Kids can help out around the house with tasks like dusting, sweeping, wiping counters, and other cleaning chores. 

#9: Read a book or learn about money

Encourage good learning habits by adding reading or financial learning to your chores and allowance list. Reward kids for reading a book or learning more about money with lessons like Money Missions

#10: Practice kindness

Kindness is a habit many parents aim to build with their children. Add chore chart tasks like doing something nice for a sibling, neighbor, or friend. Encourage your child to give by setting aside a portion of their chore and allowance money for a charitable cause. 

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Written by Kristin Yarbrough Published Aug 1, 2022 ● 3 min. read