8 Best Back to School Jobs for Kids, from Preteens to Tweens

8 Best Back to School Jobs for Kids, from Preteens to Tweens

During the pandemic, kids all across the country continued to earn money. And now that school is back in sesssion here, they'll probably be looking for even more ways to earn a buck.


Though 2021's jobs for kids look pretty similar to those of 2020, some parents in highly-vaccinated areas might now feel more comfortable sending entrepreneurial offspring out into the world to earn their spending money. Other parents, however, might still prefer to have their tween or preteen earn money from home.


Whichever camp you fall into, gohenry's kid-friendly money app makes it easy to assign jobs to your tween (and makes it easy for you or others to pay them, too!). So, whether they're working for you or a neighbor, here are eight great jobs for kids under 13.

1. Pet care

The Fall is the "purrr-fect" earning opportunity for pre-teens and tweens, allowing them to feed, walk, and wash pets while owners are busy with their own kids and work. As a parent, you can help your child advertise their services through flyers, NextDoor, and Facebook.

2. Yard work

Lawns and gardens need cleanup — all the time. And homeowners don't always have the time to give them the care they need. Your budding entrepreneur can offer up a menu of services that includes, raking leaves, weeding and watering gardens, planting perennial flowers, and picking veggies. (Bonus: they might develop a new appreciation for where their food comes from!)

3. Teaching and tutoring

Does your child have a special talent? Maybe they excel at hula-hooping, swimming, or reading. If so, they can help other neighborhood kids master those skills — and get some extra practice in while they're at it. These can be lucrative high paying jobs for teens. 

4. Helping other parents

If your tween isn't ready to babysit on their own, they can still entertain children while a parent checks off their to-do list: supervising backyard games, designing craft projects, assisting at birthday parties, and so on. To boost their appeal, your tween could even take a virtual or in-person babysitting course from the Red Cross.

5. Cleaning and organizing

Thanks to Marie Kondo and The Home Edit, impeccably organized, clutter-free homes are all the rage. To keep them occupied and to make money fast during the school year, tweens can help with organizing everything from bookshelves to pantries to garages, or they can manage and host the ultimate declutter: a yard sale.

6. Washing cars

One great job for kids under 13 that requires little prep and experience is washing cars. All your child needs is a bucket, soap, some rags, and a buddy, and they'll be ready to wash cars in your neighbors' own driveways. To take it a step further, they can bring window cleaner and a vacuum to detail the insides, too.

7. Photography

Who knew your tween's obsession with selfies could translate to a perfect job for kids? Many people simply want affordable photos of their entire family; they don't care if they're ultra-professional. So let your tween borrow a camera and express their creativity by shooting portraits for family and friends. Or, if they'd rather focus on commercially-oriented photos, they could try selling their shots on a site like Foap.

8. Selling services or goods

If you've got an aspiring entrepreneur on your hands, the sky's the limit when it comes to jobs for kids. Some ideas that go beyond the classic lemonade stand: making crafts or food to sell at farmers' markets, painting portraits of houses and pets for neighbors, or offering tech tutorials to senior citizens. Let your kiddo take the lead, and they're sure to come up with a money-making scheme that you never would have imagined!

Written by GoHenry Published Sep 28, 2021 ● 5 minnutes. read