Ask Miesha, a Financial Educator Here to Answer Your Kids’ Questions About Money

Ask Miesha, a Financial Educator Here to Answer Your Kids’ Questions About Money

Hello GoHenry family. My name is Miesha, also known as The Bold Budgeter. I am a teacher by passion, certification, and profession. Having worked with students ranging in ages from three to 21, I truly feel teaching is my calling and I am fortunate to be on a path that has allowed me to help hundreds of students.  I am proud to say that through community, I have been able to help many people get out of debt and empower them to set and achieve their financial goals.

My financial journey 

I started my personal finance journey with $27,000 in high-interest debt but was able to save enough to pay it off in 7 months. Although it makes for a great headline, it was kind of brutal. I worked several side hustles and used all the extra income to pay off my debt. Specifically, I used a zero-based budget and a hybrid between the two most popular debt reduction strategies: the debt snowball method and the avalanche method.


Additionally, I committed to multiple no-spend challenges. Which caused me to say “no” to a lot of events with friends and family. As a result, some days I felt isolated, lonely, and unhappy. However, once I was out of high-interest debt my life was forever changed.

Growing a personal finance community

I remember receiving my first check after paying off my high-interest debt and looking at my bank account in pure disbelief. I had never had that much money left over in my account after all of my bills were paid. I cried tears of happiness because seeing those numbers opened my eyes to new possibilities. As someone who hated thinking/talking about money, I now felt so free, empowered, and secure because of it. I was determined to help others achieve this amount of security and peace. I was equally determined to prioritize my holistic health and created my bold personal finance community to ensure that.


By myself, I was able to get out of debt, but within community, I was able to start building wealth. In a year, I was able to build a net worth of over $100,000 ( a long way from $27,000 in debt). With the accountability and support of my community, I was able to fully max out my 403b and Roth IRA. We met to set financial goals, get feedback on financial decisions, ask questions, and most importantly encourage each other to keep on the path of financial independence. 

The importance of early financial education 

"I wish I knew this when I was younger" is the most common thing I hear after financial wellness sessions with adults. Especially, as they recognize that time is one of the main factors in building wealth due to compound interest. Young people (children and teens) have time on their sides. Teaching financial literacy and money management early can change the trajectory of a young person’s life. 


Thinking back to my journey, how much more could my net worth be if I never got into high-interest debt in the first place? I did the math, it’s too painful to share the exact number but let’s just say my net worth would at least be double. More importantly, how different would my life be if I learned my true values early on and spent my money on things that mattered to me, instead of spending money to keep up with the Joneses?  We all know, it’s useless to dwell on the past because we are all where we are supposed to be. However, I feel it’s important to illustrate the importance of teaching our kids healthy money habits early. Financial freedom is still possible for most of us, but with early financial education financial freedom could be possible for all of our children. 

How I can help you!

Trust me, I know talking to kids about money is easier said than done. Discussing money can be challenging, but I’m here to help! I will be creating a series of videos to answer your money questions. Maybe you’re looking for tips to help your kids get into the habit of saving money or creating a budget. No matter your question, ask away! Send me your questions to [email protected], or tweet @gohenry with #letstalkmoney.
Written by Yamiesha Bell Published Oct 13, 2021 ● 4 min. read