Life Skills To Set Kids Up For Success

Life Skills To Set Kids Up For Success

Kids are sponges. They’ll quote countless lines from their favorite movies and keep track of characters from video games, trading cards, and just about anything. Ask a kid about their favorite superhero or Disney princess, and they’ll talk to you for hours. But how do you channel that ability into valuable skills they can use for life? 


There are countless skills to teach your child, from tying their shoes to financial literacy, but focus on a few key skills they can use in all areas. You’ll prepare them to handle life no matter the path.

Learning patience

Every child can use patience, and you can start teaching it at any age. Kids can practice this skill by waiting while someone else is talking (not an easy one!) Getting kids in the habit of saving money from allowance, or earned from chores to buy items they want is another way to teach them the benefits of waiting. 

Counting and basic math skills

Skills like counting and basic math will be essential in your child’s life. Your child will likely use some kind of math in their future job, and math builds the skills kids need to manage money. Parents can make learning fun by playing money games, also letting kids earn and spend their own money to get in the habit of adding and subtracting their money.

Communication skills

Good communication will help your child when talking to friends, family, teachers, and future employers. While kids develop at their own pace, games like ‘Simon Says’ can help kids practice listening. Encouraging kids to read, or create a story from photos, can help sharpen their communication skills early on. 

Critical thinking

Kids absorb information from school, friends, music, and countless places. One of the most valuable skills you can teach your kid is how to sort through this information and think independently. Parents can’t always control the situations kids go through, but they can prepare kids to think critically about the decisions they will face.

Overcoming challenges

Setbacks are a part of life. You're bound to face challenges and failures no matter where you come from or what you do. Teach your child how to power through challenges. Encourage them to try new things and keep trying, emphasizing the importance of ‘practice makes better.’ Building resiliency in kids will help them in all areas of their lives whether they pursue a degree, a job, or future dreams.

Giving and compassion

Most parents want to raise giving and compassionate kids who are kind to others. And rightly so, since compassion promotes more connection with friends and family, better problem-solving skills, and better overall wellbeing. Involve kids in the giving process and show them the magic of showing kindness to others.



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Written by GoHenry Published Jun 14, 2022 ● 3 min. read