Skills Kids Can Learn from Trading Cards

Skills Kids Can Learn from Trading Cards

Some kids can play trading card games with their friends for hours and memorize countless facts about different card values and traits. Ask a trading card fan about how rare a card is or why a particular card is worth more, and they can explain game ideas in great detail. Parents may not realize just how many skills kids can learn from trading cards like Pokemon or video games like Fortnite, but kids are innovative. You can use games to teach kids life skills, money management, and entrepreneurship in a fun, relatable way.

Trading cards teach life skills

Kids practice life skills all the time while playing trading card games. Some great skills that trading cards can teach are:

Personal accountability 

Kids learn how to be responsible for their things by taking ownership of their trading card games. If they want their cards to last, kids will need to take good care of their trading cards. Some kids even learn organization skills by keeping track of cards in covers or binders.

Negotiation and communication skills

A big part of trading card games is exchanging cards with fellow players. Kids can learn how to negotiate trades and practice their communication skills with friends. Trading card games provide opportunities for your kid to practice their ability to compromise and make wise decisions, as well as kindness and compassion.

Money skills from trading card games

Trading cards also make a fantastic way to introduce money ideas. Some money skills you can teach kids with trading card games include:

  • Value. Teach kids how money holds value, like trading cards. Different cards hold more value than others, like different bills and even different investment opportunities.
  • Saving Money. Kids love spending money on toys, including trading cards. You can help kids practice saving money by setting goals for more valuable cards or items they want. 
  • Entrepreneurship. Trading cards with friends and playing with other gamers can help kids build skills like negotiating, strategy, and planning for the future. You can use trading cards to explain entrepreneurship and show them how they’re already learning skills they’ll need to succeed.

How to teach kids through trading card games

Talking to your child about their trading cards can give you the opportunity to help them connect the dots from skills they learn in their trading card game to skills they can use in everyday life. Try asking your kid questions about their cards and what type of traits are valuable about their cards.


Relate trading card concepts to real-life situations they might face. For example, if your child can show you how different cards are more valuable because they have certain traits, you can relate the idea to saving money for a more valuable toy. 


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Written by GoHenry Published Jul 13, 2022 ● 2 min. read