Can Kids Get a Credit Card?

Can Kids Get a Credit Card?

Can kids get a credit card?

Kids can’t actually get their own credit cards since you must be 18 or older to open a credit account. Even older teenagers need to be in college or have their own income to qualify. So if you’re looking to open a credit card for your kid, there are a few alternative options to consider.

How can you help your kid build credit?

While your child can’t have their credit card, you can add your kid as an authorized user on your credit card. Your child can start building a credit history and learning about borrowing, interest, and credit scores. On the other hand, credit can be a big responsibility that some kids aren’t ready for yet, especially when you are responsible for any charges your child makes on your account.

Why do parents keep searching for kids' credit cards?

There are many misconceptions about credit, especially when it comes to building credit for your kids. Searching for ways to build your child’s financial future with credit can lead you to a lot of misleading advice. While credit cards can be a great tool, a solid strategy is to build good money habits and teach kids about credit first.

How to teach your child about credit

When kids first see credit cards used at the store, it’s easy to view credit as “magic money.” Here are a few simple ways to start teaching your child how credit works:

  • Show real-life examples of when and how to use credit.
  • Talk about when to use credit in a relatable way your kid cares about. 
  • Consider an allowance or incentives to learn about money and earn their own.
  • Explain the difference between money you own and money you have to pay back.

Kid’s credit card or kid’s debit card

Before you get a kids’ credit card attached to your account, consider teaching your child how to use a debit card first. While a debit card can’t build credit, it can teach good money habits and financial responsibility. Debit cards for kids can give you peace of mind with parental controls while helping your child practice financial autonomy.


A debit card for kids can also give them a sense of earning and spending their own money. You can teach your kids good money management skills and habits with a debit card without the risk of overspending or going into debt.


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Written by GoHenry Published Jul 4, 2022 ● 3 min. read