Financial Literacy for Kids and Parents 101

Financial Literacy for Kids and Parents 101

Learning about money and teaching your kids about finances can feel daunting. Breaking down big concepts like compound interest and debt can be overwhelming for even the most financially savvy parent. We’ve made it our mission at GoHenry to make financial education easy, fun, and relatable for your child as they grow. With creative methods and a little research, you can set your child up for financial success for years to come. 


We gathered a list of money concepts you can use for inspiration and education. Learn simplified ways to explain topics like cashless payments, interest rates, saving money, and more. Read about strategies used by parents to successfully teach their kids money lessons in today's changing world of finance. 


If you’re considering a debit card for your kid or looking for ways to build financial independence, you’ll find answers to common questions and practical advice. Get tips for starting money conversations at home and ways you can use your GoHenry debit card for kids to support your child’s financial learning. Get the facts about money topics without confusing terms, so you can easily understand how to explain it to your kids. 



How to Budget Money 

How to Save Money as a Child

Types of Savings Accounts for Kids



How Do Taxes Work?

How to Explain Cashless to Kids

What is a Debit Card for Kids?

What Are Expenses?

What is Smart Spending



Different Types of Investments

What are Investment Accounts for Kids?

What are Stocks?

What are the Best Long-Term Investments? 

What are the Best Short-Term Investments?

What is Earned Interest? 



Different Types of Borrowing Money 

Can Kids Get a Credit Card 

What’s a Credit Score?

Explaining Debt

What is Debt Interest?

What is Overdraft



What Is Cryptocurrency?

What is an NFT?



Employment Types

Types of Pay



Teaching Kids How to Give

A guide to giving



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Written by GoHenry Published Jul 13, 2022 ● 3 min. read