7 Signs Your Child Is Ready for a Prepaid Debit Card

7 Signs Your Child Is Ready for a Prepaid Debit Card

A debit card for kids can be one of the most effective tools for helping kids learn about money and how to manage it. Most banks won't open a child's bank account until the child reaches at least age 11, but many children are ready for a children's debit card long before that.


Wondering whether your child may be ready to use prepaid cards for kids? If you're seeing some of these seven signs, it may be time to start your child on the path to learning important financial lesson with his or her own debit card for kids.

1. They are always asking to borrow your debit or credit card

It's common for children to pester their parents to buy toys, games, apps, or video game accessories. But when children seem to ask constantly for more money, it may be time to start teaching them about the value of money. One of the best ways to do this is by allowing them to make choices about how to spend their own money — and not providing more money on demand. A debit card for kids is an easy, educational way to do this.

2. They are showing interest in money, debit cards, and credit cards

Many children show interest in money long before they're old enough to have their own bank accounts. If your child is asking questions about your debit card and how it works, or about earning and spending money, they may be open to some teaching moments. A debit card for kids can make it easy.

3. They are responsible enough to keep up with their belongings

If your child has developed the responsibility to keep track of favorite toys or electronics, he or she may be ready for the responsibility of a prepaid card for kids. But even adults misplace things from time to time, and if your child misplaces his or her children's debit card, you can easily deactivate it with the accompanying app. If the card is found, you can activate it again.

4. They are ready for an allowance

Giving your child a set amount of spending money every week or month is a time-tested strategy for teaching money management. But in an increasingly cashless society, it can be helpful — and sanitary — to provide allowance in a cash-free way that's easy to manage. It’s also one more motivating factor to complete a weekly chore chart.

5. You want to provide meaningful rewards for completing chores

If you're trying to teach your child to help around the house with assigned chores, a prepaid debit card for kids can be a perfect option for keeping them on task. Cards like GoHenry allow parents to set up a specific chore list for each child and provide funds based on chores completed.

6. You still want to have control over their spending decisions

Even if children earn an allowance and have the ability to make some decisions about how to spend their money, that doesn't mean they are ready for complete spending freedom. With a children's debit card, you can choose where the funds can be spent — and where they can't. If you want to limit your child from making in-app purchases, for instance, that's easy to do.

7. You want to solve the gift dilemma

Do grandparents and other family members constantly ask you for gift ideas for your child? Prepaid cards for kids can be the easy answer. When your child has his or her own debit card, friends and family can easily add funds to the card, allowing the child to choose a special purchase on his own.


If you're seeing some of these signs in your household, it may be time to start taking seriously the responsibility to teach your child about money. A GoHenry card can help simplify the learning process and make it fun for you and your child.

Written by GoHenry Published Sep 21, 2021 ● 4 min. read