A Checklist Before Getting a Debit Card for Your Kid

A Checklist Before Getting a Debit Card for Your Kid

If you’re looking for a better way to give your kids money, without giving them your debit or credit card, it might be time to look into a debit card for kids. In addition to easily transferring funds to them, you’ll be able to track their spending and help them learn about money management early on.


Before choosing a debit card for your kid, use this checklist to see if your child is ready for a debit card of their own.

1. Your child is showing interest in money and how cards work

Notice if your kid asks questions about money or shows interest in earning and spending money. Start talking to them about money basics and see how they respond. A debit card for kids makes a great tool to teach money management as their curiosity grows.

2. Your kid is ready to make their own financial decisions

Beyond a curiosity for money, make sure your kid is ready to handle the added responsibility that comes with it. With a GoHenry kids debit card, you can gradually ease them into building independence with adjustable parental controls.

3. Your child takes responsibility for their belongings

A good indicator that your kid is ready to take on new responsibilities is if they take care of what they have. If your child keeps track of their favorite toys or learns to treat their devices with care, they might be ready for a kids’ debit card.

4. Your kid handles chores or earns an allowance

You can use a chores system or give your child a set amount of money each week to begin building good money habits over time. As they learn how to manage chores or an allowance, they’ll be better prepared to handle their first debit card. GoHenry makes it easy to set up an allowance cash-free. 

5. Talk about money habits with your kid

Talk about money habits with your child and continue teaching them how to build good habits when they get their new card. GoHenry can help make learning fun and easy. Introduce your child to real-world financial knowledge using our in-app Money Missions.


6. Explain what a debit card is and how it works

Before your child is ready to use a debit card, they need to know what a debit card is and how it works. Prepare your kid for success by explaining the different ways to pay and showing them how you make purchases with your card by tapping and entering a PIN, so they know what to expect.

7. Discuss rules with your kid for their debit card 

Set any rules for how your kid can use their card upfront and talk through the reasons for your rules. For example, “Don’t share your pin” is an important rule that kids should learn is for their own security. Talk about online purchases, keeping their card safe, and when to use their card in an emergency. 


Parents can utilize spending limits to help kids navigate spending with their debit cards with a low risk of loss. The best way for them to learn is by doing, making mistakes, and learning from those mistakes firsthand. With a kids' debit card you can reduce those risks and be there to guide your child through the money lessons.



Try the GoHenry debit card for kids, free for 30 days, to see how having a kid’s debit card can help build good money habits from an early age.

Written by Kristin Yarbrough Published Apr 9, 2022 ● 3 min. read