Financial Gift Ideas for Kids

Financial Gift Ideas for Kids

Many kids receive countless gifts during birthdays and holidays, and parents are left scrambling for places to put all the new toys and ways to contain the clutter. Often, kids will receive multiples of the same gift or toys they don’t care to play with after the first day. If you’re looking for alternative birthday gift ideas or ways to give gifts that have a more lasting impact, consider financial gifts for kids.

Giving cash vs. financial gifts for kids

Kids love the freedom that cash offers. Many relatives and friends use gift cards or money transfers to a debit card for kids, like our Giftlinks, to give birthday well wishes. Cash can be a great way to give a child the freedom to buy what they really want. They can even save up cash from multiple places to buy something they wouldn’t usually receive or be able to afford. 


While cash can be great for kids, many parents want to encourage children to use birthday and holiday money toward more long-term goals. Consider different types of financial gifts for kids that can help them succeed financially down the road.

The gift of stocks

Stocks make an excellent financial gift for kids because they allow your child to take ownership of a company they truly care about. Have friends and family gift stocks like Nintendo or favorite restaurants and clothing stores. A stock gift is also a great way to introduce your child to investing.


If your child has been buzzing about crypto or takes an interest in the world of tech, you can gift them tokens of different cryptocurrencies. Crypto can be held like stock and can be a great way to keep your kid engaged as you introduce ideas like assets and ownership.


Bonds aren’t as exciting as stocks or crypto, but they can be excellent birthday gift ideas that teach your child how to grow their money over time.

College fund

Kids of any age can benefit from family and friends investing in their future education. A college fund makes a great way to contribute financially to a child’s future without giving them the temptation of money to spend sooner rather than later.

Games and books that teach money skills

Other financial gifts for kids include money board games and financial books. While these aren’t direct financial gifts, teaching kids about money from an early age is a priceless present that continues giving for life.

Switching over to financial gifts for kids

Start the conversation with your child about monetary gifts and introduce them to the benefits of using their birthday gift ideas toward future goals. Get family and friends on board by involving them in the discussion. Consider adding information to your invitations, letting guests know they can skip a traditional gift in favor of financial gifts for kids. 



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Written by GoHenry Published Jun 16, 2022 ● 2 min. read