What To Do When Your Teen Asks You About Crypto Investing

What To Do When Your Teen Asks You About Crypto Investing

Has your teen come home asking about crypto? Many parents struggle to answer questions about this new type of currency and aren’t sure how to navigate the crypto conversation. Use the tips we’ve gathered below to talk about crypto with confidence and teach your teen investing skills they can use for a lifetime.

How to explain crypto to teens

Start with the basics when talking to your teen about crypto. Cryptocurrency is a type of virtual currency, like Bitcoin or Ethereum. Send or trade crypto tokens directly with other people, use them to make purchases online, or buy and hold them as an investment. You can show teens how cryptocurrencies, like stocks, go up and down in value with the market over time.

Talking to teens about crypto investing

If your kid is curious about cryptocurrency, talk to them about investing. Connect with teens and understand why crypto interests them. Ask your kids what they would do with crypto and why they think investing would be wise. Discuss the pros and cons of crypto ideas like:

  • The world is going digital, from books and newspapers to social media and emails. Cryptocurrency is a new type of digital money that follows the trend. 
  • Younger people tend to be less trusting of big banks. No bank or government controls crypto.
  • Crypto is an exciting new idea that’s soared in value. With exciting new investments also comes risk.

Should I let my teen invest in crypto?

Before your teen invests in crypto, make sure they have the skills they need to manage money. Teens can practice handling money with a kids debit card to build good money habits first. Build up to investing by working on skills like budgeting, saving, and planning for the future. Once your child has a good financial foundation, consider moving forward with different types of investing. 

Crypto resources to share with your teen

Your teen most likely loves scrolling on social media, so use their phone time to teach them about crypto, investing, and other money topics. Check out personal finance influencers on Instagram, YouTube, or whichever platform your child likes using most. Watch videos together to help kids recognize good advice while avoiding scammers. Find favorite channels that educate teens on personal finance and how cryptocurrency works. Avoid channels that focus on flashy sports cars and opportunities that seem too good to be true. 

Is crypto investing too risky for teens? 

If the idea of crypto investing makes you nervous, you’re not alone. Many parents want to encourage their kids to learn about money, but crypto can seem confusing and risky. Explore crypto ideas with your kids and make sure you fully understand any investment before committing money. Teach teens that crypto is volatile, though it might be a great opportunity, there are no guarantees and if they decide to invest in crypto, it should be balanced with other proven investing strategies.

Giving kids access to financial education early on can help them develop money skills and knowledge that will help them make smarter choices as they get older.

Written by Kristin Yarbrough Published Jul 12, 2022 ● 3 min. read