Who Would Be a Better Investor: X-Men’s Wolverine or Sabretooth?

Who Would Be a Better Investor: X-Men’s Wolverine or Sabretooth?

Learning about important financial concepts like investing is something we know we have to do, but topics like compound interest and risk can be a tricky for anyone. So we decided to try something a little different. We’ve taken the Marvel comics characters: Wolverine and Sabretooth and reimagined their personas to compare different investment strategies and styles. Who do you think would make the better investor?

Sabretooth: High-risk investor 

Sabretooth, a.k.a Victor Creed, is a villain ready to take big risks and to get big rewards. Craving power, he is patient in his dedication to achieving his goals. Having once infiltrated an organized crime syndicate called The Hand, where he risked his life to climb the ranks eventually taking over and creating his own criminal empire. 


In the world of finance, these traits can be an asset. Having the ability to dedicate time to in-depth research, and being comfortable with risk, he can maximize his gains by scooping up higher-risk investments, being willing to risk losses or safer investments that don’t grow significantly. It's not hard to see Sabretooth getting in on the Bitcoin game right when it started and now benefiting as his investment multiplied exponentially. 


While he won’t shy away from a challenge, he certainly stays patient and committed to his plans. Sabretooth could be a fantastic investor who makes millions with all the right risks, or he could lose everything if things don’t pan out. 

Wolverine: Invests in savings and retirement  

Wolverine a.k.a Logan/James Howlett, is a hero dedicated to protecting and caring for others. Although no stranger to danger, when in action, he considers the well-being of others and as a result his decisions are often led by caution. He works a steady job at the school for mutants while taking on additional missions to save the world (or worlds) with the other X-Men. A mentor, and father figure to younger members Kitty Pryde and Jubilee, he has people he loves who rely on him. 


Although he is immortal, his busy schedule of helping others may leave less time for research into long-term investment opportunities. He might have a stock portfolio of lower-risk investments that grow slowly over time with minimal losses. Maybe opening child investment accounts for Jubilee and Kitty. Focusing more on building up his savings, having an “in case things go sideways fund” as well as putting money aside regularly for retirement - being immortal will really pay off here! 


Easy-to-manage portfolios with safer investment options will help him reach his long-term financial goals as he is always dreaming of a time when he can kick back, in a hidden cabin in the woods, to finally retire in peace. 

When thinking about investing

In this post, we are showcasing two extreme personalities, but like most things in life, balance is key. Diversifying your savings and investments, especially when starting early, can help you grow your money in the long term. Do some research and talk to someone you trust who can guide you through your options.  


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Written by GoHenry Published Jun 9, 2022 ● 2 min. read