Parent’s Guide to YouTube

Parent’s Guide to YouTube

So many kids are on YouTube watching videos from toy unboxings and kids playing video games to DIY crafts and online learning videos. If your child is interested in becoming an entrepreneur, they can find tips and inspiring videos. How-to guides for hobbies and math homework are great tools, but there is plenty of inappropriate content on Youtube you wouldn’t want your kids to discover. Here are some tips for Youtube and keeping kids safe when they are surfing online.

What is YouTube?

YouTube is a popular online video-sharing platform that allows you to upload videos and watch content uploaded by other users. You can sign up for a YouTube account with your Gmail or Google account for free, but must be 13 years or older to create an account.

How does YouTube work?

Youtube has a search engine similar to Google. Search for videos by typing in keywords or based on things you recently watched. You can watch videos from other users and subscribe to your favorite channels to see new videos as they’re posted. YouTube also allows you to like or comment on videos, share on social media, and save your favorites to lists.

YouTube vs. YouTube Kids

Teenagers can create their own account, but for younger kids, YouTube Kids allows you to create an account for your child with parental controls. A YouTube Kids account lets parents set restrictions on adult content and even handpick Youtube videos themselves. A regular account doesn’t offer this ability.

Is YouTube safe for kids?

YouTube for kids has its pros and cons like any social media platform. While there is plenty of helpful and funny YouTube kids videos, many parents are wary of kids gaining access to other content or falling into scams. If your child has a YouTube Kids account, you can set limits on the type of content your child watches. If your kid is 13 years or older, parental controls aren’t available, and parents need different methods for monitoring their kid's safety online.

Ways to monitor activity and keep kids safe

YouTube offers a restricted mode that you can turn on to restrict mature content, but doesn’t monitor activity for a regular account. The best way to know what content your child is watching is to get involved. Watch new videos together! Explore any influencers your child is interested in, and ask questions about why your child likes certain types of videos. Are they looking for entertainment, information, or inspiration to start a business? You can ease into talks about content and safety while keeping the conversation relatable and positive. 


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Written by GoHenry Published Jun 9, 2022 ● 3 min. read