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Our mission is to make every kid smart with money. Let’s do it together.

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Everyone at GoHenry is united by one mission: create generations of independent, confident young adults, armed with money skills that will set them up for life. It’s something we all believe in, something we’re all proud of.

Exciting challenges lie ahead—new products, technologies, and opportunities. Guided by our four core principles, we’ll meet these challenges together and with the support of our global community.

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Benefits & perks

Enjoy time off

We offer 25 paid vacation days, plus paid holidays (and we want you to take them all!). Plus, we support flexible and remote working, so that unmovable appointment doesn’t have to mean one fewer vacation day.

Stay balanced

A healthy work-life balance is everything. So don’t be a slave to the grind—just give it your all when you’re working. Oh, and this is part of our official rules: start work late (read: sleep in) on your b-day!

Learn faster with training & development

It’s your career, so you lead the way. We provide training and development opportunities and access to hundreds of webinars. Plus, count on your manager for support and regular feedback.

Get health & wellness perks

To keep you healthy and happy, you and your family can opt-in to health benefits & more. Plus, you get a free subscription to the Calm app.

Choose your equipment

Mac or PC? We all have different ways we prefer to work. Choose your own equipment, so your working days are as comfortable as possible.

Make friends, too

We have fun together, and enjoy each other’s company! We host get-togethers & provide fun perks, while you spend quality time with the team.