Created by parents, loved by millions

GoHenry is the banking app and debit card you wish you had as a kid. Send pocket money automatically and watch your kids get hands-on experience using money.

In-app learning, real-world results

Kids learn about money using their card, while in-app lessons dive deeper into financial subjects. Watch as your kids grow in confidence, one money lesson at a time.

“Excellent idea! My children feel confident, more grown-up and in control of their own money.”


Allowance on repeat. And more.

Go from,“I just need $10, Dad!” to automatic allowance transfers. Create chores to help kids learn the value of money. Plus, if they run out (it happens!) you can send instant transfers right from your parent app.

The handiest app in your toolbox

Set up in minutes. Easy to navigate. Fun to use. With separate parent and child companion apps, kids learn about money while you keep track of their spending.

“A fantastic app that gives children financial independence and teaches them how to use money responsibly.”


Costs less than a latte

Yes, really! A low monthly fee of $4.99/child gives you a card + app + hundreds of gamified money lessons.

92% of parents say their teens are more money confident, thanks to GoHenry