Make every kid good with money. Let’s do it together. Join us.

Everyone at gohenry is united by one mission: Create generations of independent, confident young adults, armed with money skills that will set them up for life. It’s something we all believe in; something we’re all proud of.

Exciting challenges lie ahead—new products, technologies, and opportunities. Guided by our four core principles, we’ll meet these challenges together and with the support of our global community. Join us!

We’re on a mission to help millions of kids be good with money

And we’re doing it by giving them the tools they need to master the financial ropes for themselves. Kids can spend, save, earn and give with gohenry’s prepaid debit card and app - because learning through doing really works (and it’s more fun, too).
Our goal? Create generations of independent, confident young adults, armed with money skills that will set them up for life.


Our principles define us. They make gohenry a great place to work - and help us create a product that’s pretty special, too.

Dive in head first

We care about our mission and our product - and we’re curious about the people we’re doing it for. Technology moves fast, so it takes energy, passion, and the willingness to take chances to stay ahead.

Work collaboratively

We celebrate our diversity and the different views we all bring to the table. We listen, we debate, and we not only respect the other ways people do things, we learn from them.

Embrace change

We’re growing at a rate of knots, which brings challenges - and progress. So we focus on our goals, work dynamically, and channel feedback to help us all improve.

Demand brilliance

We’re a team of independent thinkers, who seek progress first, permission later. Something might be ‘good enough’, but could it be better? We push ourselves - and each other.

Benefits & Perks

Time off

We offer 25 paid vacation days, plus paid holidays (and we want you to take them all!). Plus, we support flexible and remote working, so that unmovable appointment doesn’t have to mean one fewer vacation day.

On balance

A healthy work-life balance is everything. So don’t be a slave to the grind (see flexi working 👈) - just give it your all when you’re here. Oh, and we’ll even give you a birthday lie-in!

Training & development

It’s your career, so you lead the way. We provide training and development opportunities and access to hundreds of webinars. Plus support and regular feedback from your manager.

Health & wellness

To keep you healthy and happy, you and your family can opt-in to our health and dental coverage. Plus you get a free subscription to the Calm app. We encourage a healthy work-life balance. Give it your all when you’re here and take time to refresh when you’re not.

The social side

Not to brag, but we’re good people, and we like each other’s company. So we make time for social outings, and we throw a good party!


Mac or PC? We all have different ways we prefer to work. Choose your own equipment, so your working days are as comfortable as possible.

Join our family and be part of our mission