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Now with brand-new stories, bite-sized lessons for every age & more advanced topics for ages 12+. Only in the app.

Engaging lessons tailored to their age

Fresh challenges with every level, for kids & teens:

Level 1

Money basics
& more for ages 6+

Level 2

New! Created for ages 12-14

Level 3

Coming soon! Developed to challenge ages 15-18

Inspire a lifetime of financial wellbeing

As kids grow, levels adjust to their age & confidence

Kids get hints, nudges, and points to keep learning—and badges when they conquer each skill.

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Snackable stories, videos and quizzes

Press play, pause, rewind, tap through stories and learn with new, more advanced topics in Level 2—created for ages 12-14.

Build confidence, literacy and curiosity

For every stage of their journey, there’s a bite-sized skill to learn. Developed with teachers & financial education experts, missions follow in K-12 Personal Finance Education National Standards.

Discover what they'll learn

Fact: 75% of kids are not able to apply their financial knowledge to real-life situations.

Source: National Endowment for Financial Education®

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Guide your kids along their money journey

The GoHenry app is packed with ways to accelerate kids' learning—think automatic allowance, savings goals, chores, charitable donations, and more.

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