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The kids’ debit card and banking app

GoHenry is the debit card for kids ages 6-18. They use their card to learn about money, while parents monitor spending and set limits using a smart banking app.

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Parents set limits, kids learn to bank safely

Unlike regular bank accounts and other debit cards for kids, GoHenry helps your child learn about money and banking safely. The GoHenry app lets you set spending limits and monitor card activity—just as you would set limits on screen time or internet usage. So you have total visibility at all times.

Instant notifications

You’ll be alerted when kids spend, save or learn

Spend limits

Choose where and how much kids can spend

Lock cards instantly

Then unlock when it’s safe for kids to spend again

So many ways to learn

Kids spend, save and get in-app money lessons.

I am really impressed with this banking app. I have complete control.


Smart banking for kids

GoHenry has the same features as a regular child’s bank account—they’re just smarter! Set chores, create regular payments, send money instantly, let family & friends send a treat with Giftlinks, plus help kids learn faster with fun money lessons—all in the GoHenry app.