How do I transfer funds to my child's account?

There are various ways that money can be moved from your gohenry parent account to your child account. The main movement of funds will be via your weekly payment of their allowance and/or your payment for tasks completed.

This will happen on the day you have selected (if you have not chosen a day, it will default to Saturday). If you have set a weekly allowance for your child, and there are sufficient funds in your parent account, the funds will automatically move across to your child.

If you have set tasks for your child, those that have been ticked as completed will be paid and the funds moved across to your child. This process is automated, you do not have to do anything to make this happen.

If you need to transfer extra money to your child’s account – birthday money, money for a specific item, etc., it’s simple. Log in to your gohenry account either via the gohenry app or via the website, check your balance to see that you have sufficient funds to make the transfer.

Click on the ‘quick transfer’ button, fill in the amount and click on the ‘pay now’ button. The funds will transfer immediately to your child’s card. Please remember to review your child’s limits and card controls to ensure that they can access their money as needed.

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