April 28, 2022

Take your kids to work day

Take your kids to work day

Parents, whether you’re off to work or WFH, here’s how to talk to your kids about earning money. Take these free educational videos, downloadables and games on an office adventure!

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Best for ages 5 - 8

Picture your dream job

Share this page with kids, then use the prompts to discover their passions, pros & cons, and get them thinking critically about earning money.

Let’s go on a Money Mission all about jobs & earning

Best for ages 7-11

It’s quiz time

Wage or salary—what’s the difference? And why do some jobs pay more money? Watch the video together, then use the quiz to test their knowledge.

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Best for All ages

Table talk

Parents, what was your first job? What did you learn? Use the flashcard deck to create a discussion around work-related topics at your dinner table.

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All ages

Play BINGO, Jobs & Earning Edition

From income tax to entrepreneurship, this fun game helps kids learn—and brush up on their knowledge when it comes to jobs, work and earning money.


One in four kids aspire to start their own business when they’re older

-GoHenry Youth Economy Report