Family & friends
can join your child's money journey

GoHenry makes it easy for everyone close to your child to participate in their financial learning.

Family and friends money journey

Make their day with Giftlinks

Just like an e-gift card or voucher for kids, Giftlinks take the hassle out of buying and organizing gift ideas for kids.

No hit-or-miss presents

Let kids and teens shop for the gift they really want

Mark milestone moments

Share it with anyone that wants to send money for gifts, birthday milestones and more

Paperless card for every occasion

Pick from 30+ designs and make it personal

Free to send

It’s free to send a Giftlink; there’s no fee to send or receive!

Let Relatives send money on the regular

Add family and friends as a GoHenry Relative, and they're all set to send money to your child whenever they choose.

Family and friends – near and far – can contribute to your child's money learning anytime

No need to ask Mom & Dad! Relatives have their own login details and can set up payments independently

It helps Relatives plan gifts, plus they can send money to your child anytime, anywhere

All transfers are free! Plus, parents will be notified when all payments are made

Adding Relatives is easy!

  1. Invite family and friends directly from the GoHenry web app.
  2. Relatives can set up a transfer to your child anytime.
  3. They can add a paperless card and personal message, so kids know what the money is for.
  4. Plus, set the date they'd like their money delivered.

Add a co-parent or guardian

With their own companion account, a co-parent can do all this:

Transfer money

To your child’s card

Set up

Allowance transfers, create savings goals and track chores

Help your kids

Reach their money goals, plus more!