10 Financial Education Podcasts Every Parent Should Listen to

10 Financial Education Podcasts Every Parent Should Listen to

Podcasts can be a great source of entertainment when driving, on a commute, or even when doing things around the house. Some podcasts can also be a great source of information, a way to keep current on news and learn about topics you are interested in. 


With financial literacy, being a hot topic, there are lots of podcasts out there focused on financial education and offers tips to help people make smarter choices with their money.  Here’s a list of 10 financial education podcasts that parents in our community have recommended or found helpful. So get those earbuds ready!

1. How to Money

Aimed toward millennials, hosts Joel and Matt talk about credit scores, negotiating higher salaries, buying homes, and any of the other financial challenges many younger adults face for the first time.

2. The Financial Confessions

Spinning off of the website The Financial Diet, this women-led podcast gives financial literacy guidance for all genders, tapping into cryptocurrency, travel hacks, and resume advice.

3. So Money

This podcast is a great tool for parents with their “Ask Farnoosh” sessions. Farnoosh Torabi is an award-winning financial correspondent who answers parents’ questions about everyday life and money challenges and how to overcome them.

4. The His & Her Money Show

Looking for a couple-focused financial podcast? This show is for you. They talk about how to budget, manage bills as a team, work on credit scores together, and even how to talk to kids about managing money and savings.

5. Afford Anything

While you might not be able to afford everything, you can afford anything. Host Paula focuses on how you can master your money to meet your goals and afford anything, just not everything.

6. Marriage Kids and Money

Another great family financial option, podcaster Andy interviews personal finance experts and millionaire parents to see how they achieved success. They dive into how to save and pay off your house early, teach your children about credit, and ways to achieve your own success.

7. Beginner to Buyer

If you’re looking to buy your first house for your family, this is a great podcast to get you started. While buying a home can be overwhelming, these episodes are filled with home buyers and real estate experts to help you through the steps.

8. Robinhood Snacks

Looking for a quick and easy episode to listen to on the go? This podcast offers 15-minute segments that act as a guide to stocks and investing.

9. Your Money Briefing

Another great choice for short, quick episodes, this podcast is produced by The Wall Street Journal. It addresses the most recent financial topics and issues like inflation, the job market, and student loans.

10. Choose FI

If you’re looking to reach the ultimate goal of being financially independent, this podcast can get you on the way. It offers tips to help you never have to work again.

Financial education podcasts are a great keep learning

Financial education podcasts are a helpful way to learn more about money and stay current on financial topics. As parents, the more comfortable we get with talking about money, the easier it will be to teach our kids about it and help them make smarter money choices in their lives. 


While finances and money aren’t always the easiest or most exciting conversations to have with kids, there are tools available to help make these conversations easier from podcasts to movies, to fun quizzes. If you’re looking for a way to teach your children about making smart financial choices, try GoHenry free for 30 days and set a healthy financial foundation for their future.


Written by GoHenry Published Apr 22, 2022 ● 3 min. read