How to Teach Kids About Money

How to Teach Kids About Money

If you’re searching for information on how to teach kids about money, you’ll find there isn’t a perfect answer. Kids learn to process information better as they grow up, and no two kids are the same. Instead of searching for the best way to teach kids money topics, consider easing them into money conversations as they age.

How to teach kids about money early

Young children under 5 may not be able to count change yet, but they pick up a lot of information about money. You can explain the basics of cash and coins and how you use money to pay for things. Let them watch you make purchases and use money in the store. Younger kids may not fully understand the value of money, but they can begin to recognize the basics and get familiar with concepts they will learn later.

Build the habit of savings

As kids learn about money and how they can use it to buy things they want, you can begin teaching them about savings. Kids starting school are more prepared to learn new money topics. If your child shows interest in a toy or game, you can begin teaching them to save money to get what they want. Kids form their basic habits around money early. Make savings a habit now to help your child build a solid money foundation for the rest of their life.

Create opportunities to earn

As kids get older and show they’re ready for more responsibility, create ways for them to earn money. You can give your child an allowance, create a chore system, or give them opportunities to earn in other ways. Kids take more interest in learning about money when they earn it and get to practice managing it well. Your child will also feel a greater sense of responsibility for money they earn and own.

How to teach kids about money management

When your child gets older and has more practice managing their money, you teach them how to make smarter money choices. Older kids and teens have more opportunities to spend and can benefit from learning better ways to manage their money.


Introduce more complex topics like budgeting, long-term savings, and investing. As they earn more money, they can build smart money habits early, like saving for their goals and investing for their future. 


Consider how to teach kids about money management topics like:



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Written by Kristin Yarbrough Published May 27, 2022 ● 2 min. read