The 15+ best money games for kids

The 15+ best money games for kids

Want to teach your children money management? Providing financial education for kids helps them to develop crucial money management skills. However, standard money lessons can be tedious, which makes it hard to keep them interested.


If you want to teach your children about finance, money games are a great option. Popular with parents and children, these games provide a fun, interesting learning experience. So, what are the best money games for kids, and how can they help with your child’s financial education?


Here, we will tell you everything you need to know, as well as reveal the best money games for kids.


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How money games contribute towards financial education of kids

Let’s face it, learning about money is often the last thing children want to do. They are far more interested in playing with friends or getting creative with arts and crafts. The main reason for this is because math lessons and money lessons, in general, can be dull and boring. Playing money games can help solve the problem and help to make them financially savvy. 


The different games available make learning about finances fun and simple for children. They can teach them about spending responsibly, good money saving habits, and investing. Games can also help teach the value of money and financial responsibility.


There are a lot of different money games for kids out there you can try, so which ones are better to invest in? Whether you are looking for the best apps or money board games for kids, below you’ll discover the best games to consider.


  1. Making Change
  2. Space Supply
  3. Peter Pig’s Money Counter
  4. Coin Flip
  5. Money Bingo
  6. Financial Football
  7. Plan Your Dream Prom
  8. Build Your Stax
  9. Stock Market Game
  10. Stash101
  11. The Game of Life
  12. Pay Day
  13. Buy It Right
  14. Thrive Time for Teens
  15. Rich Dad Cashflow
  16. The Stock Exchange Game
  17. Cover Your Asset
  18. GoVenture
  19. GoHenry app
  20. Toca Store, Apple

The best free money games for kids online

Compare our favorite options below to see which games are better suited for your kids.

For young kids

Making Change

This official U.S. Mint game allows kids to design their own coins, customizing the symbols, color, and value. It’s perfect for little artists. Making Change engagingly introduces the concept of coins and change to young kids.


Space Supply

Space Supply is another free money game for kids online from the U.S. Mint. Kids control a rocket ship that delivers coin “supplies” through space. A classic arcade-style game, this one’s sure to keep kids entertained while giving parents an easy way to introduce money topics. 


Peter Pig’s Money Counter

Designed for children ages 5-8, Peter Pig teaches kids fun facts about U.S. currency while helping them practice money skills like counting and saving. Kids can earn trips to a virtual store to practice spending within budget to dress Peter Pig for fun scenes.


Coin Flip

Coin flip is a simple game where the only objective is to flip a penny. The game keeps track of how many times the penny lands on heads or tails and the percentage of times it lands on each. 


Money Bingo

ABCya hosts Money Bingo, a spin on a classic game to teach kids how to count money. Play with either coins or bills and find the correct money amount on your bingo board to win.

For teens

Financial Football

Visa and the National Football League teach money management skills to kids with a virtual game experience. Financial Football teaches kids financial concepts and makes learning about money fun.


Plan Your Dream Prom

Planning your budget for prom can be a great money lesson. This game shows kids how to pick their outfits, ride, and more with a set amount of cash.


Build Your Stax

Build Your Stax is an in-depth, interactive game that teaches teens how to invest. Players start with a set amount of money to invest and face realistic money choices throughout the game. Teens learn essential lessons about stocks, risk, and compound interest.


Stock Market Game

The Stock Market Game helps kids build positive money habits while learning how to invest wisely. Teens practice investing money in the stock market and building a portfolio over time.



Stash101 immerses students in a banking and investing simulation. It equips kids with money skills they need to navigate their everyday finances in the real world.




The best money board games for kids

Want to teach your children financial responsibility without adding to their screen time? Board games are a fun alternative to apps, and the whole family can get involved. You’ll find a surprising number of money-related board games available to purchase. Below, we suggest some of the most popular board games you might want to consider.

The best budgeting money board games for kids 

To teach your kids specifically about budgeting, here are some great games to check out.


The Game of Life

The Game of Life has been a popular family board game for decades. It is designed to be played by 2-6 players and is suitable for kids aged 8 and over. Along the way, players reach milestones such as getting married, starting a job and having children.  As you reach each milestone, you receive a peg that is placed into your game piece.


The reason the game is great at teaching children about budgeting is that it features a bank. Not only does this have various banknotes, but it also has several insurance policy options as well as stock certificates.


Pay Day 

Pay Day is all about money management. Suitable for players aged 8 and over, you will spend, invest, and borrow money to get rich. Players can land on Mail and Deal cards along the way. Much like Monopoly with Chance and Community cards, these can hinder or help you along the way.


It is an easy game to play and enjoyable for the whole family. It takes around an hour to complete a game, so it’s a great way to spend a rainy day together.


Buy It Right

This game helps kids learn how to recognize U.S. coins and bills and understand the value of money as players move around the game board. Designed for 2-4 players, this game makes a great learning resource for early budgeting skills.


Thrive Time for Teens

Thrive Time is a money and life reality game that starts players off as high schoolers with part-time jobs. They face many different financial challenges and decisions as they work toward becoming the most financially savvy player to win the game. 

The best investing-based board games for kids

Investing in life can potentially provide a good source of income. However, it can be tricky to understand. The earlier you start to teach your kids about investing, the easier they will find it when they reach adulthood. This is why our Money Missions include a topic on investing. A couple of games that can help your kids learn more about investments include…


Rich Dad Cashflow

Rich Dad Cashflow is one of the most popular investing games on the market. In this exciting game, players need to get out of the rat race by purchasing stocks, property, precious metals, and businesses.


Along the way, the game teaches kids how to invest and how investment scenarios work. They will be able to test out real-life strategies and face the challenges that investment presents. This is a fun investment game that is designed more with teenagers in mind.


The Stock Exchange Game

This fun money board game for kids teaches investing over time. Each trip around the board is like a year of investing in real life. Players work their way around the board, buying investments with the goal of retiring wealthy. 


Cover Your Assets

Fun for the whole family, this competitive card game is about building a stack of matching asset cards without getting them stolen by other players. Cover Your Assets is a fast-paced game loved by kids and teens alike. 



For parents looking to encourage their future entrepreneurs, GoVenture is a great addition to game night. This game allows you to become a business owner and make money decisions like the boss.

The best money game apps for kids

Some of the best money apps for kids offer deeper financial learning and money lessons. Free apps are a starting point, but consider more in-depth apps if your child is ready to learn more about money topics. 


GoHenry app

Our very own GoHenry app features bite-size Money Missions to help kids learn everything they need to know about money. Money Missions allow children to earn points while watching videos and taking interactive quizzes on topics including saving money, spending wisely, and investing. The GoHenry app can be downloaded for Android or IOS devices. The app is designed to be used alongside our debit card for kids. 


Toca Life World

The Toca Life World app, available for Android or IOS, teaches children life skills in a fun, interactive way. Take grandma to the hairdresser, shop around the mall, or explore Bop City. Designed for ages 6-8. Different in-app games help your child learn basic money math skills. In the game, your child can practice running their own town while learning good management skills and entrepreneurship.


There are countless ways to get kids engaged in learning about money. A great way to put their new money skills into practice is with their own debit card for kids. 



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