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Why parents love GoHenry

92% of parents say their kids are more money confident since joining GoHenry. Here are some of the smart features that help kids learn every day.

Smart learning tools

Set your child up for success by teaching them how to manage money responsibly.

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Total peace of mind

Your child can gain independence safely and securely with features built for families.

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Easy money management

Make life easier with a smarter way to manage your child’s money.

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Features your child will love

Kids can pick a card to suit their personality—and customise it with their name or nickname, too!

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Memberships and pricing

Choose from three GoHenry memberships and try 30 days for free. Cancel or switch memberships anytime.

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Easy money management, automated pocket money and flexible parental controls.

£3.99 monthly, per child

1 month free trial

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All Everyday benefits, plus 4.50% AER* interest on savings, cashback and more.

£5.99 monthly, per child

1 month free trial

New! Family discount


All Plus benefits, up to 4 kids’ accounts included—for one monthly fee.

£9.99 monthly, up to 4 kids

1 month free trial

*Interest rate is variable. Additional terms and conditions will apply.

How to get started with GoHenry

Ready to give GoHenry a try? Follow these simple steps:


Sign up for your 1-month free trial in just a few minutes!


Kids can start learning instantly through Money Missions in their GoHenry app


Use your parent app to set up pocket money, tasks & top up your child’s card


Your customised card will arrive within one week, ready to go!

Frequently asked questions


My child’s GoHenry card has been lost. How do I replace it?You can block a lost card instantly in the GoHenry app, then unblock it once it’s found. If the card doesn’t turn up, let GoHenry know as soon as you can, then order a replacement for free in your parent app.


Can two parents have access to the GoHenry account?Yes! You can add a co-parent to your account using your parent app. Co-parents can help manage your child’s account, receive spend notifications, and add money to the parent balance using the registered card.


What kind of transactions do you block?GoHenry blocks transactions at  gambling, tobacco, and other adult-only merchants and online sites. You can also enable ‘strict merchant block’ which prevents your child from making any purchases in places that sell age-restricted items.


How does my child log in to the GoHenry app?You’ll find your child’s login details in your parent app—they’ll need them to log in to their app on their device. You can also use a family tablet to switch between accounts on the same device if they don’t have their own smartphone.


How does my child use the card at an ATM?Your child can withdraw money at an ATM up to three times a day using their PIN (you’ll find this in your parent app). There is a daily withdrawal limit of £120, but you can lower this in your app.


Is there a limit to how much my child can spend on their card?GoHenry has a default spend limit of £60 per week and £30 per single spend, but you can set your own limits when you activate your child’s card. Limits can be changed anytime in your parent app, up to a maximum daily spend limit of £4,000.


How do I transfer funds from my child’s account back to my parent account?You can instantly transfer funds back to your account in your parent app. Click ‘Transfer’ on the home screen and select the option to move funds from your child to you. Then enter the amount you want to send and press 'Transfer'.


Can I use GoHenry abroad?Your child can use their GoHenry card abroad fee-free! Make sure they pay in local currency rather than GBP to avoid extra fees.

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