We want the gohenry website to be accessible to everyone. We aim to be transparent, clear and easy to understand, so that you can see who we are, what we offer and how to use and navigate our site.
Here are the features we have implemented to make our website more accessible:
We aim to keep it plain, simple and straightforward, avoiding jargon and using appropriate explanations.
We use clear and legible text and fonts. You can find out how to change the size of text to make it easier to read, as well as make other useful changes in your browser, by visiting the BBC My Web My Way website at
We have used colour contrasts that ensure the website can be read by those with visual impairments. We have limited the use of Flash and other applications that are known to cause screen flicker. Links are displayed clearly in a stronger colour and if you roll over a link with your computer mouse the link will be underlined.
Optimization for screen readers
We continue to make improvements so that our website works well with screen readers. Screen readers are are tool which will translate the words on the site into sound, and read it aloud for you. We welcome any feedback from our users to highlight where this can be improved.
The Future
We are continually looking for ways to improve the site and to make it even more accessible. In the future we hope to add more features which will make the site even easier to use, such as alternative stylesheets. These will give users the ability to alter the presentation of each site page to suit your reading needs, including changing the size of text to help partially sighted readers.
Contact Us
If there is information you think should be included here, or if you experience any difficulty accessing this site, then please contact our Member Services Team on 0330 100 7676 or at [email protected].

Or you can write to us at:
gohenry Ltd.
Stirley House
Ampress Lane
Ampress Park
SO41 8LW