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Now with brand-new stories, bite-sized lessons for every age and more advanced topics for kids aged 12+. Only in the app.

In-app learning for every age
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Pay kids to learn. You choose the amount.

Now in the parent app, a little extra can go a long way—even getting kids excited to learn budgeting skills they’ll use much later in life.

money mission lessons

Engaging lessons tailored to their age

Fresh challenges with every level, for kids & teens:

Level 1

Money basics
and more for kids aged 6+

Level 2

New! Created for kids aged 12-14

Level 3

Coming soon! Developed to challenge kids aged 15-18

Engaging lessons tailored to their ageFresh challenges with every level, for kids & teens:

Inspire a lifetime of financial wellbeing

Banking illustration imagesIllustration images of banking coins, piggy bank and contactless debit card

As kids grow, levels adjust to their age and confidence

Kids get hints, nudges and points to keep learning—and badges when they conquer each skill.

See how it works

Snackable stories, videos and quizzes
Snackable stories, videos and quizzes

Snackable stories, videos and quizzes

Press play, pause, rewind, tap through stories and learn with new, more advanced topics in Level 2—created for kids aged 12-14.

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Build confidence, literacy and curiosity

For every stage of their journey, there’s a bite-sized skill to learn. Developed with teachers and financial education experts, missions follow national financial education guidelines.

Discover what they'll learn

Fact: Brits who didn’t receive financial education as a child are more likely to be unemployed or earning less today than those who did.

Source: Study by GoHenry and Development Economics

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Help your kids along their money journey

The GoHenry app is packed with features for parents to accelerate kids' learning—think automatic pocket money, savings goals, chore lists, charitable donations, and more.

Help kids along their money journey
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