The GoHenry Youth Economy Report

Our exclusive data reveals exactly how much kids are earning, saving, spending and giving—providing unprecedented insight into the behaviour and attitudes of Gen-Z and Generation Alpha, and how this will influence the future of money.

February 2022

Kids making money: The future of work

Instead of traditional part-time jobs like babysitting and paper rounds, entrepreneurial kids are increasingly making money from bedroom businesses and trading crypto – rejecting a conventional career path in favour of being their own boss.

The legacy of lockdown

April 2021

Young people’s spending habits changed dramatically after a turbulent year of remote learning, social distancing and quarantines – and they’re now redefining what it means to be ‘good’ with money.

How Gen-Z earn, spend and save

July 2019

The Youth Economy is booming – and our analysis of Gen-Z's shopping habits, their preference for using cards over cash, and their approach to saving, suggests that they will be more financially-empowered than any generation before.

"One in four kids aspire to start their own business when they’re older"