Our big list of reward ideas for kids to help motivate them

Our big list of reward ideas for kids to help motivate them

Do you have trouble motivating your kids to do their chores or homework? Are you looking for new and creative ideas to reward them for good behavior? If so, you have come to the right place! In this blog post, we will discuss a variety of different rewards that your kids will love. We will also provide tips on how to use these rewards effectively. Simply read on for some inspiration.


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Our top reward ideas for kids

Here are our favorite rewards for kids with extra info to get you started:

A toy or game

This is a classic reward that is sure to please many kids. You can let them choose a new toy or game that they have been wanting, or you can surprise them with something that you know they will love.

A treat

This could be their favorite food, a trip to the toy store, or a special dessert. Just make sure that it is something that your child will enjoy and that you are comfortable with giving them.

A day out

This could be a trip to the park, the zoo, or any other place that your kid enjoys. It doesn't have to be anything fancy, just something that will give them a chance to have some fun.

A word of encouragement

Sometimes, all your child needs is a hug and some words of encouragement. This is especially true if they are feeling down or have had a tough day. A simple "I'm proud of you" can go a long way in making your kid feel loved and appreciated.

A star on their reward chart

Reward charts can be a helpful tool in motivating your kids. If you have a behavior chart for your child, then giving them a star or sticker for good behavior is a great way to show them that you are noticing their efforts.

A special activity

This could be something as simple as playing a game together, going for a walk, or having a picnic in the park. It is a chance for you to spend some quality time with your child and show them that you are interested in them.

A new experience

This could be anything from going to a museum to trying new food. It is an opportunity for your child to learn something new and have some fun at the same time.

Extra allowance

This is a great way to motivate kids to do chores or other tasks around the house. You can give them an allowance for doing chores. This will teach them about money and hard work.


When asking yourself, 'should I give my kids an allowance?', the most important thing to remember is that every child is different, so what works for one may not work for another. Just remember to keep it positive and focused on their good behavior, and you're sure to find the perfect reward to motivate your kid.


Keep small rewards for smaller tasks and bigger rewards for when they accomplish something great, try really hard, or get to the top of their reward chart. With a little trial and error, you'll soon create an effective reward system to motivate your child.

Why should you reward your kids?

There are many reasons why you should reward your kids. For one, it will help them understand the importance of doing their chores or homework. Rewards can also be a great way to show your kids that you appreciate their good behavior. Rewards provide an incentive for kids to do what's asked of them. Finally, incentivizing your kids and giving them rewards can be fun for both you and your kids!

Do rewards work?

Yes, rewards do work. In fact, they are an effective way of behavior change in children. It can motivate them to create new, positive behaviors and reinforce existing ones. However, it is important to use rewards effectively. For example, you should not use rewards as a way of bribery.


When used correctly, rewards can help kids to learn new skills, keep them motivated to do their chores or homework, and improve their behavior. So, if you are looking for a way to improve your kids' behavior or motivate them to do their best, implementing a reward system is a good idea.

What to look for when rewarding?

Effort and willingness are key when it comes to children and rewarding them. For example, if your child is trying hard in school but isn't getting the best grades, reward them for their effort and willingness to try their best. This will show your child that you appreciate their hard work and encourage them to continue doing their best.


So, you should look for things like:

  • Putting in extra effort
  • Showing improvement
  • Accepting feedback

By looking for these signs, it will help your child understand that they are being recognized for their efforts and not just their results.

What’s the difference between rewards and bribes?

Bribery is giving your child a treat in exchange for them doing something that they don't want to do. For example, bribing your child with sweets in order to get them to eat vegetables that they don't like is not effective. This teaches your child that they will be rewarded if they do what you want them to do. In contrast, rewards are given after your child has done something that you have asked them to do. For example, if your child cleans their room without being asked, you may give them a small treat as a reward. This is effective because it shows your child that they are being rewarded for their good behavior.




Can reward charts help with motivating my kids?

Yes, reward charts can be a helpful tool in motivating your kids. A reward chart is simply a visual way of tracking your child's progress. For instance, you may have a star chart where your child gets a star for every day that they do their homework without being reminded. Once they reach a certain number of stars, they get a prize. Visual tools like reward charts can help to keep kids on track by providing them with a clear goal to work towards. A particularly effective type of reward chart is an allowance chart, which can help kids to learn the value of money and hard work.

Need some more inspiration?

Additional reward idea inspiration to motivate your kids:

  • A later bedtime
  • Stickers
  • Playing a board game
  • Candy
  • Going bowling
  • Making a blanket fort
  • Doing crafts together
  • Ice cream
  • Mini golf
  • Pyjama day
  • Dessert
  • A trip to the pool
  • Picnic in the garden
  • A trip to the park
  • Playing a video game
  • Making cookies together
  • More screen time
  • A beach day
  • Ice cream/ waffles for dinner
  • Pizza for breakfast
  • Picking a movie to watch
  • Having a water fight
  • A trip to the library
  • Making s'mores in the garden
  • Living room camp out
  • A new cellphone app or game
  • Chewing gum - their choice of flavor
  • Special hot chocolate with marshmallows
  • Fun socks
  • Adding an item to the grocery list
  • Getting to pick lunch
  • An extra-long bedtime story
  • Some one-on-one time with you
  • Playing with sidewalk chalk
  • Playing sports with you
  • A game of tag
  • Painting their nails
  • Doing a singalong
  • An extra snack
  • Build an obstacle course
  • Going for a bike ride together
  • Going to feed the ducks

How can GoHenry help with rewards?

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