How Roblox and Other Games Help Kids Understand Financial Literacy

How Roblox and Other Games Help Kids Understand Financial Literacy

Your kid probably loves video games, and you likely worry about your child spending too much time online. Many parents aim to replace screen time with more educational material, but you might be surprised to learn that you can use games your child loves to build their money skills. Some video games teach kids about money and build their financial literacy in a fun, engaging way.

Ways video games can teach kids about money

Roblox, Animal Crossing, Fortnite, and countless other video games can be great tools to teach kids about money. Use your child’s favorite games to build money habits like smart spending, saving, and budgeting. Video games can also be a fun way to teach kids about investing, entrepreneurship, and many financial literacy skills. 

Smart spending

Countless video games help kids practice their spending skills. From managing their in-game money or currency to spending Fortnite bucks on something your child really wants, games can be a great way to help kids understand how to plan their purchases. Spending also helps your child learn the difference between needs and wants and the value of money. 

Saving for long-term goals

If your child wants to buy a new item or achieve big goals in their game, they’ll likely have to work hard and save their in-game currency. Bigger goals and items require kids to save up for what they really want. Games can be a positive way to teach delayed gratification.


Budgeting is another excellent way games can teach financial literacy for kids. Managing resources, planning how to use money, and working to earn income are all great lessons video games can offer. Many games allow kids to practice managing expenses like rent and bills and paying off debts. Games can be great practice for kids before they are responsible for their own finances or kids debit card.

Financial literacy

Teaching financial literacy for kids can be a challenge for even the most money-savvy parents. Many parents look to online learning and a kids debit card to help teach money topics. You can also use the power of video games to help start the conversation about heavier financial literacy topics like:


  • Investing. Games like Animal Crossing have a “stalk market” that can help teach kids how to invest in stocks. 
  • Economy. Many games teach concepts like supply and demand and how prices change with the economy. 
  • Managing money. Video games across the board can help kids learn powerful skills like managing debt, earning income, and long-term planning.


Video games are a fantastic way to teach entrepreneurship skills. Games give kids scenarios like running a virtual business, paying workers, and facing leadership challenges. Games that let kids practice running a restaurant or a city can teach kids about money on a larger scale. Video games just might inspire your child to start their own business. 

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Written by Kristin Yarbrough Published Jun 25, 2022 ● 3 min. read