2021 Youth Economy Report: The Future of Work for Generation Aspiration

2021 Youth Economy Report: The Future of Work for Generation Aspiration

Our new research suggests that Generation Aspiration are ready to rip up the rule book when they enter the adult world of work. Their entrepreneurial attitude means that 25% hope to be their own boss in the future, and 24% say that this is a priority. 


When asked about their career aspirations, jobs in IT, software, gaming, and app development are the most sought-after, followed by healthcare and engineering. However, our analysis reveals that Generation Z and Generation Alpha are underestimating their earning potential.


When asked about the minimum monthly salary that they would need to live comfortably when they’re older, they gave a mean figure of $2,912.20  – which is substantially less than the average monthly US salary of $4,319, and the average graduate salary of $55,260 per annum, identified by NACE


This underlines the importance of financial education, particularly as 80% of young people believe that having good money management skills will help in their future careers. 


Chart showing popular job aspirations

The careers of the future

Dean Brauer, co-founder, and President (US), GoHenry says: “In this robust economy, kids are looking at new ways to support their savings and spending goals. We see Gen Z and Gen Alpha taking on an increasing number of paid tasks and developing their business savvy in order to increase their earning potential. However, they earn a dollar, understanding the value of money is vital to a strong foundation of financial education. At GoHenry, our goal is to ensure that once they earn, they know what to do—and it seems kids agree. Over 80% say having good money management skills will help them in their future career. With our in-app learning tools like Money Missions, kids learn how to budget, save, invest, and spend their earnings responsibly.”





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1. Data was taken from a sample size of 52,068 GoHenry members in the US, who were active on their accounts between 1 January and 31 October 2021 

Written by Ceri Roberts Published Feb 15, 2022 ● 2 min. read