Family Can Give Money Easily with Relatives Accounts

Family Can Give Money Easily with Relatives Accounts

GoHenry already makes it easy for friends and family members to add money to a child's debit card through Giftlinks. Just like a gift card for kids, Giftlinks take all the hassle out of organizing gifts for kids' birthdays, holidays, and other occasions.


Now, there's another easy way for family members to send money directly to GoHenry kids’ debit cards with their own GoHenry Relatives accounts.

GoHenry’s Relatives accounts enable instant, free money transfer to kids debit cards

An AARP survey found that 86% of members provide money as gifts to grandchildren and that 94% offer some kind of financial support to them.

While families can already facilitate easy gift giving through the Giftlinks feature, a new option, designed specifically for family (hence the name Relatives), allows parents to invite family members to create free Relatives accounts with GoHenry and easily send money directly to a kids debit card at any time.

Why use GoHenry Relatives accounts?

Family members who frequently send money will be invited to create their own GoHenry Relatives account, making it easy to transfer funds to their grandkids, nieces, nephews' debit cards at any time, without relying on parents to generate a unique link for every special occasion.


The best part is, this feature is included with your monthly subscription, there are no added fees for adding family members. Making it easier for relatives to stay connected and participate in your child's financial learning!

Invite family from the GoHenry website or app:

1. Log in to your parent account and tap ‘Money’ at the bottom of the  screen.

2. Select ‘Relatives’ from the side menu and click ‘Invite a relative.’

3. Provide the email address of the relative you want to be able to add money to your child's debit card account.


Invited family members will receive an email invitation they can use to create and account or log in to an existing GoHenry account. They can then instantly transfer money or send a gift for free!

Send money from your Relatives account:

1. Log in to your Relatives account from the GoHenry website.

2. Choose the family and child you want to send money to (as Relatives can be invited by multiple families). Send any amount between $2 and $350. Note that a child can receive a total of up to $1000 per month from all their Relatives and Giftlink gifters.

3. Click ‘Send money’ and follow the step-by-step instructions. You can send money instantly using a debit card or schedule it for a future date. When that date arrives, the funds will be transferred directly to the child's account.


Remember to add a message so they know what the funds are for!



Invite family members to send money to your child's GoHenry account with a GoHenry Relatives account today!
Written by GoHenry Published Apr 19, 2022 ● 3 min. read