20 chores for kids to do in the summer

20 chores for kids to do in the summer


Looking for some chores to keep your kids busy during the long summer holiday? Here’s a list of some housework you can use to keep them entertained. Many of these chores are great for kids of all ages, but some might be suitable for older children. If you have younger children, you can always ask them to stay with you while you do housework so they can learn, ready for when they are older.


Also, if your kids still need some encouragement to do chores, check out our advice on how to get your kids to do chores.


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Our favorite chores for kids to do in the summer

  1. Wash the car
  2. Mow the lawn
  3. Weed the garden
  4. Prepare a salad or simple side for dinner
  5. Wipe down outdoor furniture
  6. Water flower gardens
  7. Take out the compost bin
  8. Wipe off the table
  9. Sweep the floor
  10. Do the laundry

Why is summer great for chores?

Summer is a great time to get your kids to help out with chores. Most children will have more time off during the summer, meaning more time to help out around the house, as well as more time to play. There can be a lot of benefits to giving your kids chores. Doing chores gives your children a sense of pride and accomplishment when they complete a task. Chores are also great for teaching your children about responsibility.


Summer chores can also be a great way to get your kids out of the house and into the garden, which can be especially important if your children tend to spend a lot of time inside. The nice summer weather means that you can get your kids to help with both indoor and outdoor chores. Outdoor chores can also be a great way to make chores fun for kids who love spending time in the sun.


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Summer chores for kids

  1. Wash the car – Young kids might need help getting a bucket full of water ready to wash the car, but most kids can handle sponging the car—just be warned that if it’s particularly hot weather, your kids might try to start a water fight.
  2. Mow the lawn – Most older children can be taught to safely handle a lawn mower, but you might want to handle trimming edges until you know your kids are safe with tools.

  3. Weed the garden – Most kids love grabbing a pair of gloves and ripping out weeds. Just be sure to show your children which plants are weeds and which aren’t before you start.

  4. Prepare a salad or simple side for dinner – While you might want to handle the knife yourself, kids love helping to make a simple salad, especially if it involves fun steps like crumbling cheese or mixing dressings.

  5. Wipe down outdoor furniture – If you’re getting your backyard ready for summer it might be dirty or dusty. Kids can easily help wipe down furniture ready to enjoy a summer BBQ.

  6. Water flower gardens – Watering plants is a great chore for kids. Even young children can usually handle watering without having any problems. Just make sure that you have a watering can that’s small enough for younger kids to carry.

  7. Take out the compost bin – While this isn’t one of the nicest chores, kids can usually manage to empty the compost bin.

  8. Wipe off the table – Wiping down the table after dinner is a simple chore for children of all ages to help with.

  9. Sweep the floor – If you find your floor getting covered in grass when your children have been playing outside, getting them to help sweep up the mess can teach them a great lesson about responsibility and how to clean up after themselves.

  10. Do the laundry – Kids of all ages can help with the laundry. Have young kids match socks and teach older kids how to do their own laundry.

  11. Help with grocery planning and shopping – Your child can help you plan the dinner menu for the week or assist with the grocery shopping. Kids can put items in the cart or help put away groceries at home.

  12. Take out the garbage – Emptying small trash cans and the main bin make great summer chores for kids. 

  13. Keep the bedroom clean and tidy – Children of all ages can take responsibility for cleaning up their own messes. Young kids can practice cleaning up their toys, while older kids can be responsible for keeping their bedroom free of clutter.

  14. Get the mail and sort it – A great summer chore is having kids grab mail from the mailbox and sort it. Keep a designated space for organized mail. 

  15. Clean bathrooms – Start simple with cleaning countertops and putting items away, then work up to deeper cleaning tasks.

  16. Pack lunches – Packing lunch is a great way to get kids involved in the kitchen and build cooking skills from an early age.

  17. Prepare breakfast – Along with packing lunches, consider having your child prepare breakfast for themselves or the whole family.

  18. Take care of pets – Family pets require a lot of care. Consider adding walks, filling food and water dishes, and cleaning up after pets as part of your summer chores for kids.

  19. Load/unload dishwasher – Dishes always need to be done. Help kids make a habit of loading dirty dishes into the dishwasher and putting dishes away when clean. 

  20. Pick up toys and put them away – Many parents constantly pick up toys around the house. Consider having a designated time for your child to clean up their toys and put any belongings away.



Reasons summer chores for kids should be a daily habit

What chores you pick and how they fit into your family’s schedule is up to you, but consider making your child’s tasks a daily habit. Building a daily routine for your child to complete their chores helps them easily build good habits while teaching them the expectations they need to meet.


Consistency helps kids learn how to do a job well each time and make good habits a regular part of their life. Even if kids are only doing a few simple chores, daily practice will help them build life skills and a sense of responsibility.


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How to reward your kids for doing summer chores

There are lots of different ways to reward your kids for doing chores like later bedtime, more screen time, or little treats such as sweets.


If you decide to reward your kids financially for doing their chores, GoHenry makes it simple. You can easily set paid tasks in the parent companion app. Any tasks you set will be displayed in your child’s GoHenry chore app, letting kids check them off once the chores are complete. Then, when you confirm it, the reward goes straight onto their GoHenry prepaid kids debit card.





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