Chore chart ideas for teenagers

Chore chart ideas for teenagers

Many teenagers earn an allowance by helping out around the house. A chore chart is a great way to help teenagers stay on top of housework. While there are many benefits of chores for teens, sometimes they may need a helping hand to stay motivated and organized. A chore chart for teenagers can help them take on more responsibility, develop good habits, and feel more independent. There are many different chore chart ideas for teenagers, and you can tailor yours to suit your needs.


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Why use a chore chart with your teenager?

Within the next few years, your teenager may want to fly the nest and get a place of their own. Encouraging teens to do chores is a great way for them to develop a strong work ethic and help improve their planning and time management skills. Many parents also decide to pay their teens an allowance for doing chores as a way to teach them about financial responsibility.

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How do you make a chore chart for teens?

A chore chart should feature a list of tasks to be completed by your teenager that they can check off when completed. If there are chores your teen hasn't done before, give them a step-by-step demonstration, be consistent, patient, and encourage them to complete their chores regularly.

Chore chart ideas for teenagers

There are many ways to create a chore chart for teens, from using bulletin boards or whiteboards to printable chore charts. Here are eight chore chart ideas for teenagers to inspire you:

Daily chore chart

Compile a list of all the housework tasks you'd like for your teen to try to complete each day. A few things on the list might include emptying and refilling the dishwasher or vacuuming. At the top of the page, create a column for each day of the week. Your teen can then check off each chore when it's complete.

Monthly chore chart

A monthly chore chart can be broken down into four weeks, with tasks set for each day. Alternatively, it can simply include a list of what your teen needs to complete across the month, and they can then choose when they'll do it. With monthly chore charts, you may also choose to include chores that have to be completed less frequently, such as cleaning the bathroom or weeding the garden.

Zone chore chart

Zone chore charts divide your home into zones or sections. You can assign your teenager a specific zone for one week. For example, depending on the size and layout of your home, you may decide that zone one is the kitchen and dining area, zone two is the bathroom, and so on. Once you've established your zones, establish tasks for each area. So, within zone one, you may ask your teenager to wipe down the work surfaces and mop the floor. You can also choose which days or how many days a week your teen will need to do certain tasks.

Token economy system

This is a point-based system that lets your teenager earn tokens they can exchange for perks, which could be anything from extra TV time to an allowance. Compile a list of housework tasks you'd like your teen to do daily or monthly. You can then assign a point value for each task. A fairly simple chore like washing up may be worth 1 point, while bigger tasks such as helping you clear out the shed or sorting the attic could be worth 10 points. It's then up to your teen to decide how many points they want to earn.

Extra cash chore chart

Alongside the daily tasks that your teens already do, an extra cash chore chart allows them to help out with bigger chores around the house and earn extra money. All you need to do is get a bulletin board and pin up some chores your teen could do and how much each chore is worth. Once your teen has completed a task, they can take it off the bulletin board and give it to you.

'I need money now' chore chart

Similar to the extra cash chore chart, this chart is ideal when your teenager asks for extra money. Again, it can be as simple or elaborate as you like. One fun option is to get a bulletin board and some colorful envelopes and write a task on each envelope and the amount your teen can earn.

Pre/after school chore chart

With a before and after school chore chart, you can split the day into morning, afternoon (when they return from school) and evening. The morning tasks may include brushing their teeth, making the bed, packing their backpack, and putting their breakfast dishes in the dishwasher.

The afternoon tasks might include putting their uniform away neatly, doing their homework, and any household chores they need to do, like vacuuming or cleaning the bathroom after their shower.


Evening tasks might include packing their bag for the next day and their usual night routine of washing their face and brushing their teeth.

Chore charts for multiple teenagers

A combined chore chart for teens can work well if you have teenagers of a similar age and ability. You may consider creating a monthly chore that assigns one teen to clean the bathroom while the other cleans the kitchen. The following month they can then swap responsibilities. It can also help to swap chores weekly or even every other day.

Why use GoHenry to reward your teenagers for doing chores?

If you decide to reward your teenager for doing chores, the GoHenry teen debit card and chore app make it easy for teens to keep track of their chores and earn money for completing tasks. It's a great way to keep teens organized and motivated.


Parents can also use the app to manage allowances, set spending limits, monitor their teens spending, and help kids learn how to budget and save. Kick-start your teens' financial education with Money Missions today by signing them up for a GoHenry account.





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