27 ways for teens to make money this summer

27 ways for teens to make money this summer

Is your teenager looking for ways to make money in the summer? There are plenty of ways teens can make money during the holidays. No matter what their skills or interests are, they can use them to start generating their own money for the things they want and need.


Stuck for ideas on what your teen can do? Here are our top suggestions for how to make money in the summer:


  1. Work at a movie theatre
  2. Teach English as a foreign language
  3. Become a summer camp counselor
  4. Become a sports referee or umpire
  5. Clerical work
  6. Teach sport
  7. Sell crafts online
  8. Become a DJ
  9. Become a digital learning assistant
  10. Teach others to swim
  11. Sell stuff online
  12. Become a dance teacher



Can your teenager legally get a job?

When your kid has just become a teen at 13 years old, they might be keen to start working and looking for a job. However, your kid cannot legally get a job until they are 14. Teens can also only work limited hours until they are 16. Typically, this means that kids under 16 can only work during non-school hours. No more than 3 hours per school day and up to a total of 18 hours during a school week are allowed. In the summer holidays, 14 and 15-year-olds can work 40 hours per week, with up to 8 hours per day. Minors are also banned from doing certain types of hazardous employment such as mining, factory work, or work with powered machinery.

1. Deliver food/groceries

Difficulty score: 6/10

If teens can bicycle or drive, delivering food and groceries is a great option. They could work for local fast food outlets or grocery companies. Ask the local supermarket if they need any additional delivery staff for the summer. Alternatively, teenagers could offer to shop and deliver groceries to their neighbors for a small fee.

2. Offer lawn care services

Difficulty score: 5/10

Would your teen like the idea of earning money outdoors this summer? Lawn care services are a decent income. It might be surprising to learn how many people are happy to pay for someone to cut their grass. It's one of the most time-consuming jobs for adults, so they are often happy to pass it on to somebody else. If teens are skilled at gardening, they could also offer additional services such as weeding and looking after plants and flowers.

3. Become a lifeguard at the local pool

Difficulty score: 8/10

This idea does require more effort as it will involve training to become a lifeguard. However, once trained up, teens can earn more money than they would by offering lawn care services for example. Training to become a lifeguard with the local pool isn’t too extensive. Teens just have to be 16 years old or above. The pool will typically provide them with the training they need onsite.

4. Start a dog walking business

Difficulty: 4/10

Love animals and the outdoors? Dog walking is a great way to earn money during the summer. Teens could set up a dog walking business for those who don’t have the time or who may be struggling to give their dogs the exercise they need. Encourage your teen to reach out to your neighbors and advertise their services in local shops and on community groups online.

5. Start a babysitting business

Difficulty: 6/10

If teens have younger siblings or enjoy interacting with small children, why not consider babysitting? There are plenty of parents who need help looking after their children during the summer. By offering their services, teens could earn a good amount of income and have fun while they do it.

6. Work at a movie theatre

Difficulty: 6/10

Cinemas tend to hire teenagers in the summer to help with increased demand. Teens could apply to work at your local cinema, doing things like selling tickets, selling snacks and assisting with inquiries. They will likely earn minimum wage, which is more than they potentially would doing odd jobs for neighbors.

7. Become a dance teacher

Difficulty: 8/10

Does your teen have a skill and passion for dancing? If so, why not become a dance teacher by offering their skills on a private tuition basis? They could help out at a small dance group, for example, providing support during lessons with groups of local children.

8. Start a car-wash business

Difficulty: 5/10

Offering to wash cars in the local area is a great way to earn money as a teen. Most households have a car and many would welcome the opportunity to save time while keeping it clean. Teens won’t need a lot to get started, and washing cars is also a great way to keep cool during those hot summer days.

9. Teach English as a foreign language

Difficulty: 9/10

If your teen wants to help others while earning money this summer, consider teaching English. If they have a good grasp of the English language, teaching foreign students is a great idea. They might have trouble finding opportunities, so look online to see if they can teach students virtually.

10. Work in a restaurant

Difficulty: 5/10

Working in a restaurant is a great way for teens to earn money and boost their people skills. Many local restaurants hire teenagers during the summer to help at busy times. Tasks include serving customers and working on the till, and teens will also have the potential to earn tips each day.

11. Become a summer camp counselor

Difficulty: 6/10

Working at a summer camp can be exciting. Teens get to help other kids make the most of their camp experience. It can be hard to find good summer camp opportunities, but the American Camp Association can help your teen find good camp positions in their area or further afield. Working in a camp in a different state from home can be a really good experience to get a taste of independence and self-reliance.

12. Become a sports referee or umpire

Difficulty: 8/10

It can be hard for a local sports club to get a referee, especially for kids' clubs. Being an umpire or referee means that your teen needs to know all the rules of the sport, and they have to be very eagle-eyed to spot any possible cheating. If your kid loves their sport and knows it well, this could be a great way for them to earn money. They can advertise at local schools and community centers or ask local clubs to find sports teams that need referees.

13. Farm work

Difficulty: 5/10

As long as they aren't using heavy machinery, teens can find plenty of work to do on local farms. This can include mucking out horse fields, picking fruit, or trimming hedgerows. This is a great way for them to gain experience, while out in the fresh air. Some farms even hold special events in summer like fruit picking evenings. Your teen could work by managing car parks or taking payments.




14. Clerical work

Difficulty: 7/10

A lot of small businesses need extra clerical work done but don't always want to take on a permanent employee. If your teen is good in Math and English, they can probably manage basic clerical work. It's a great idea to contact local small businesses and see if they need a bit of extra help around the office.

15. Work in retail

Difficulty: 4/10

Shops are a great way to get some work experience while earning at least minimum wage. Not all shops are the same and there are plenty to choose from. For example, if your teen is particularly interested in fashion, working in a clothes shop will give them retail experience.

16. Teach sport

Difficulty: 8/10

If your teen loves sport, what better job than teaching others? Kid sports clubs always need help teaching younger children how to improve their technique. While your teen probably won't be a properly qualified teacher, they can still offer private lessons.

17. Work at an amusement park

Difficulty: 5/10

Amusement parks always need more workers in the summer to deal with increased business. Your teen will probably need to have safety training, but most amusement parks offer to train their employees. Plus, many amusement parks let their workers enjoy the park for free, which is a bonus.

18. Run errands

Difficulty: 3/10

There's always someone too busy to get their errands done. If your kids have spare time over the summer, running errands can be a great way to earn. They can deliver messages or items on their bikes, or do the shopping for elderly neighbors.

19. Selling crafts online

Difficulty: 8/10

There are loads of online sites that let you sell hand-crafted items, like Etsy. They could start selling their handicrafts to people all over the world. You'll need to set them up with an account to get started selling anything from polymer jewelry to inspirational posters.

20. Help adults with technology

Difficulty: 5/10

Most teens are far more tech-savvy than older generations and they can capitalize on this. Offering tech lessons is a great way to earn some extra cash and most teens find it pretty easy. They can teach older adults how to use emails, documents, or more complex software. This is also great for kids who want to work in tech.

21. Become a housecleaning assistant

Difficulty: 3/10

Cleaning and house clearings are always important. Whether it's cleaning holiday properties, for neighbors, or helping landlords clear out houses after tenants leave, there's a good potential for earning as long as your teens don't mind getting their hands dirty.

22. Help your neighbors

Difficulty: 3/10

There are almost certainly people in your neighborhood who are elderly, disabled, or just too busy to get all their housework and errands done. A great way to make some extra money is for your teens to go around your neighborhood and see what people need help with. It could be anything from gardening to shopping, pet sitting, or even just keeping an elderly neighbor company.

23. Become a DJ

Difficulty: 7/10

Everyone loves music, right? Getting a DJ for a party, special event, or BBQ can be expensive, so lots of people look to hire teens for this. If your kid is music-savvy and knows how to use audio software, they could become a DJ for people's private events. Younger teens should probably stick to daytime events, but older teens can even DJ for evening parties or weddings.

24. Digital learning assistant

Difficulty: 7/10

With more kids doing their homework at home or through digital classrooms, it can be hard for parents to keep their kids focused on learning. This is where Digital Learning Assistants come in. Your teen can mentor kids and keep them engaged with what they're trying to learn through fun games, worksheets, and check-ins.

25. Teach others to swim

Difficulty: 8/10

Not all schools teach swimming, even though it's a vital life skill. If your teen is a strong swimmer, they can offer private swimming lessons. It's important for your teen to only teach swimming if they are comfortable doing so, and if they know all the proper safety concerns about being in the water. If your teen wants to teach swimming, they could advertise at local pools.

26. Sell stuff online

Difficulty: 4/10

There are lots of great online marketplaces where your kids can sell stuff they no longer need. eBay is still a great option and there are also sites like Poshmark and Depop for selling clothes, accessories, and home items. Of course, it's worth checking the terms and conditions of each site to see if they have a minimum age as you might to set your teen up with their account and help them sell items. Once your teen has found some items they no longer want, they can work on taking good pictures and writing appealing descriptions to sell their stuff.

27. Unskilled construction work

Difficulty: 4/10

While teens might not be able to get normal construction jobs, if they know someone who works in construction, they might be able to get an assistant job. This will often include very simple tasks like fetching materials, hauling rubble and garbage, and moving wheelbarrows. Plus, it's a great way for teens to get some experience in construction, which is especially useful if they think they might want to work in construction in the future.

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These are just some ways how teens can make money in the summer. Teens don’t just have to stick to one idea. Why not try out different ones to see which they prefer?


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