Free Financial Literacy Classes for Kids

Free Financial Literacy Classes for Kids


Parents need engaging ways to teach their kids about money in the world today. With creativity and research, you can easily start teaching kids about money. Consider a free financial literacy class, educational movie, and other resources to help your child build smart money habits for life.


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Free financial literacy courses for kids

There are countless financial literacy classes for kids available online for free. Use a class to teach kids about new money ideas. Before you commit to a course, research the materials. Make sure they teach money lessons in a relatable and responsible way. Some of our favorite free financial literacy courses include:

Everfi offers educational courses about different money topics for kids in every grade. They focus on building knowledge and real-world skills kids can use to succeed with money. Everfi’s library includes many courses sorted by grade level and can be a great addition to a regular school curriculum.

Khan Academy offers online financial literacy courses designed to help your child learn at their own pace. Lessons also help fill in any learning gaps as they go. Khan Academy offers another great addition to regular school learning. 

These money book guides create easy lessons parents can use to teach kids. Choose books that discuss money topics for kids as young as preschool age. Work your way through the list of books and use the parent’s reading guide to start the conversation about money with your kids. Reading about money teaches your child many life skills at the same time.

GoHenry community members have free access to an in-app suite of fun financial literacy classes. Money Missions feature fun videos and quizzes teaching topics like saving money, credit and investing. Kids earn badges for completing money lessons and feel motivated to learn. Money Missions levels are designed to teach kids at different ages and grow their money skills as they age.

Learning about money at home

A financial literacy course isn’t the only way to help your child learn about money. Get them involved in grocery shopping. Plan a money board game night for the whole family. Talk to your child about money ideas that relate to their favorite video games, movie characters, and hobbies. The more opportunities you have to talk about money, the more kids can learn from an early age. Model smart spending for your kids and show them how money works. Build good habits early by adding money lessons into your everyday life.

Teach your child about money early with GoHenry’s debit card for kids and fun, in-app Money Missions.




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