7 Reasons Teens Are Choosing GoHenry

7 Reasons Teens Are Choosing GoHenry

A debit card for teens should offer unique benefits that fit the way they live. After all, teens want and need more control over their money, as they may have a part-time job that supports their desire for additional independence when it comes to spending.


For parents not 100% ready to let go, GoHenry offers a number of options that are built just for teens that'll help them conveniently spend, earn, save, and learn about money.

Take a look at these seven reasons teens (and their parents!) love their GoHenry cards:

1. Direct deposit for paychecks

Teens (14+) who have a part-time job can have paychecks earned from part-time jobs deposited directly into their GoHenry accounts. It's a safe and secure way to receive wages (no more worries about losing a paper check!), and teens are able to access their funds right away. Parents no longer play the middle man by having to deposit standard checks and transfer wages to their teen's GoHenry accounts. It's easy, convenient, and free with your GoHenry subscription.



2. Instant payments for family and friends

Splitting the bill, paying friends back, or asking for payment is easy to do with instant payments on GoHenry. Teens can send and request money to and from other GoHenry users, as well from anyone who has a bank account. While kids of all ages can send money directly to their parent(s) and siblings (as long as they have a GoHenry account), teens (13+) can sync their phone contacts with their GoHenry account to send and receive money from friends who already have a GoHenry account, and request money from those who don't.


3. Easy to save up

Another awesome feature is that teens are able to set savings goals and pay into them automatically. Savings goals show teens how far they've got to go and how much they've saved up so far. They can set up as many goals as they want, customizing the names along the way (i.e., Concert Tickets, New Car), as well as setting a target save-by date for each one. Organizing finances makes it easier for them to achieve their money goals and save up for things they want!



4. Custom card designs

With GoHenry, teens are able to express their individuality by choosing a card design that fits their unique style. They can choose from more than 45 designs featuring various colors and themes, including cards designed by teen artists.


5. Easy to travel with

When traveling with family, teens can use their cards overseas without paying any foreign transaction fees. If traveling on their own or with friends, knowing that parents can securely and instantly transfer funds to their teen's GoHenry card helps everyone to feel more at ease. Grandparents and other family members can contribute to your teens' trip money using Giftlinks. The GoHenry debit card works in most countries around the world (for more details, click here).

6. Money missions

Learning about financial management is one of the most important lessons for teens, and GoHenry makes it fun and easy. Not only does a GoHenry account offer teens experience in managing their own money, but they can also take short money courses called Money Missions. Each mission is a set of short videos and quizzes to help them build real-world financial knowledge.


7. Refer a friend

Every GoHenry teen gets their own referral link. That individualized link gives teens the opportunity to refer their friends to GoHenry and receive a cash bonus when a friend activates their card. Their friend will receive a cash bonus too, so referring friends is a real win-win. It's a great opportunity to help friends out while earning extra cash.



Start taking advantage of all the benefits GoHenry offers for teens. Sign up for an account now.


Written by GoHenry Published Jan 12, 2022 ● 3 min. read