Jobs for 10 year olds to make money

Jobs for 10 year olds to make money

Looking at ways for your kids to earn money? Wondering what are good jobs for 10 year olds? Let's look at some of the best jobs and household chores you can give your child to help them earn some allowance.


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The best jobs for 10 year olds

Some of the most common jobs for 8-10 year olds include:

  • Setting the table
  • Folding laundry
  • Cleaning windows
  • Selling items on Etsy 
  • Paid surveys
  • Amazon publishing 
  • Sorting and tidying toys
  • Loading the dishwasher
  • Sweeping and mopping floors
  • Pet sitting
  • Washing cars
  • Weeding 




Why and when should 10 olds get a job?

There are a lot of benefits to giving kids chores, including building self-confidence and teaching them vital life skills. Jobs can also help your kids learn their strengths, as well as show them where money comes from. Plus, you can give your children great habits and a good work ethic. A good way to get them into this habit is to find ways to make chores fun. For example, create a chore chart with stickers or set a goal for them to earn a certain amount of money each week.


In the United States, kids can only legally get a job once they are 14. In fact,  14 and 15 year olds can legally be employed in a number of jobs. They can only take these jobs outside of school hours, for a limited period of time, and only in specific conditions. Kids under 14 are not legally allowed to work in manufacturing or other hazardous jobs. 


There are also opportunities for children under 14 to start making money. While the laws around children working can vary from state to state, 10 year olds in most areas can legally deliver newspapers, babysit, act, and complete minor chores for money. 

What jobs can 10 year olds get?

Every child is different, so the jobs they can manage will be different too. While it's great to challenge your kids to help them learn new skills, you can also make sure that the tasks they are given are manageable for them.

Jobs for 10 year olds

Unsure what jobs you could consider for your 10 year old? Check out our list: jobs for 10 year olds around the house, and easy, common, and online jobs.

Jobs around the house for 10 year olds

Setting the table. You could ask your child to set our knives and forks, and take dirty dishes into the kitchen after dinner.


Folding laundry. Taking clean clothes out of the dryer and folding them into piles is doable for most children.


Cleaning windows. With a long brush, most kids can reach the ground floor windows.

Online jobs for 10 year olds

Selling items on Etsy. If your kid is crafty, they could make money on an online marketplace such as Etsy. A lot of these sites require sellers to be 18 or older, but you can sell items on behalf of your child.


Paid surveys. There are lots of kid-friendly websites where your kid can sign up to answer surveys and get money or gift cards in return.


Amazon publishing. If your kid loves writing, you could publish their stories on Amazon Kindle for them. They'll get paid based on how many people read the books.

Easy jobs for 10 year olds

Sorting and tidying toys. This sets children up for success later on in life, as they learn the value of taking care of their personal items.


Loading the dishwasher. Carefully loading the dishwasher, or helping with washing up is a good activity for children because it teaches them how to organize things so they fit into a particular space.


Sweeping and mopping floors. Sweeping and mopping is a simple job that needs doing so on a regular basis, so it can help your child to get used to routine work. 

The usual jobs for 10 year olds

Pet sitting. Your child could help feed neighbors' or relatives' pets. While walking dogs might be difficult for some 10 year olds, your kid could play fetch with a dog in their garden to ensure the pet gets some exercise.


Washing cars. With some sponges and a bucket, your kid could offer to wash friends’, relatives', or neighbors’ cars for a bit of extra money.


Weeding. Weeding is a fun outdoor activity for most children, and it doesn't require special gardening tools.

How can I make sure jobs are providing skills for my children?

A lot of household jobs will give your kids great life skills for when they are adults, such as how to clean properly and how to organize tasks. Make sure to offer a variety of jobs to keep your child engaged and help them find their personal strengths.

How to reward 10 year olds for doing a job

It can be hard to get your kids to do chores or jobs, but rewards can be a great motivator. There are lots of different ways to reward kids for doing chores. You might want to try giving extra treats, or letting your child have more screen time. You could also reward your kid with money for doing chores. This can help them see how hard work pays off, and it can be a great way to teach them how to budget and save up money.

Make paying your 10 year old for doing jobs easy with GoHenry

If you want to reward your kid financially for doing jobs, GoHenry makes this very easy. You can set up paid chores in the app, which means your child will get a list of chores to complete. Once they tick off the tasks and you confirm them, their reward will be sent straight to their GoHenry card.


If you want your kid to learn more about how to manage their money, our in-app Money Missions have stories, bite-sized lessons, and fun quizzes for every age, on subjects like saving habits, jobs and earnings, and budgeting.

Get started today to help your children manage their jobs and enjoy earning their own money.



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